Cool Off With Fun Water Games And Watch K-pop Star Chung Ha Perform At This Songkran Event

Have a blast and beat the heatwave!

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Water you doing on 13 and 14 April 2019? If you don't have any plans just yet, book those dates to beat the heat at the UChat Songkran Day-Out festival!

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Spend your weekend cooling off with all kinds of exciting water-themed activities, partying it up at entertaining fun-filled concerts, indulging in an assortment of mouthwatering food, and having a blast with both international and local celebs!

Dates: 13-14 April 2019
Time: 10am - 9pm
Location: Setia City Oval Lawn, Setia Alam
Ticket price: Starting from RM49

What makes this event unique is that it'll be entirely cashless! That means you won't have to worry about carrying around your wallet while you're busy having fun with all the water activities.

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This event is brought to you by UChat, Malaysia’s first 2-in-1 app that combines messaging and e-wallet functions. UChat is the messaging half of the app that connects you to your friends and family.

What’s extra unique is their expressive UBeans stickers - for those times when words just aren’t enough to express ourselves!

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The other half of the app is their e-wallet, UChatPay. Besides cashless payments, there are other functions such as splitting bills, requesting funds, and transferring money to your friends or your local bank account that makes this such a convenient way to manage your money!

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UChat Songkran Day-Out will be a completely cashless event and that’s how UChatPay comes in. Ticket purchases and all transactions at the event can only be made using the app. Leave your wallet at home et voilà, forget about scrambling for loose change when you pay for your favourite Thai Iced Tea. ;)

You can download the UChat app via both the App Store and the Play Store.

It's super easy to get tickets! Just download the UChat app, activate the e-wallet UChatPay, and top up before buying tickets under the UTickets section.

There are 3 different types of tickets you can get - VIP Experience, Premium Zone, and Basic Zone. They’re having a limited time promotion right now that gives you 20% off so long as you’re the first 1,000 VIP Experience or Premium Zone customers. Don’t take too long to decide or you might miss this!

Image via UChat

VIP Experience - Concert & Water (10am - 9pm)
Normal price: 
Discounted price (20% off): RM151
Entitled to:
- All Day Pass
- Waterfun Activities
- UChat Songkran Day-Out T-Shirt
- Waterproof Phone Sleeve
- Concert Kit
- Mystery Gift

Premium Zone - Concert & Water (10am - 9pm)
Normal price: RM139
Discounted price (20% off): RM111
Entitled to:
- All Day Pass
- Waterfun Activities
- Waterproof Phone Sleeve
- Concert Kit

Basic Zone - Water Only (10am - 5.30pm)
Price: RM49
Entitled to:
- Day Pass until 5.30pm
- Waterfun Activities

Here are all the fun things you'll get to do at the UChat Songkran Day-Out festival:

1. Challenge your favourite InstaCelebs to an epic water showdown

Image via UChat

This is the opportunity for you to get up close and personal with your favourite
InstaCelebs as they form teams to battle you and your team. The event features a total of 18 InstaCelebs each day, including popular names like Gladish, Findy, Mika, Wan Li, Yii Yii, Yang BaoBei, Charles Tee, and more!

Only a captain with a VIP Experience ticket can form a team so get yours today. Your team members can be VIP Experience or Premium Zone ticket holders. Click here to find out how to form a team and book your challenge slot.

2. Satisfy all your Thai food cravings at the various Thai-themed food trucks

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Image via Eventfinda / Rai Thai / The Daily Beacon / I Love Memphis

3. Cool off and stand the chance to win e-money by taking part in exciting water tournaments

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Image via earthTripper

Water Gun Deathmatch
Ready, aim, shoot! No, no one is going to get hurt but you get the idea. Eliminate your opponents in this epic showdown by aiming and shooting the bibs on their back. Just don’t get shot in return!

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Image via Rollins Get Involved

Water Balloon Dodgeball
Speed is the name of the game. Lob coloured water balloons at your opponents while dodging those they throw at you. Harness your inner Neo and dodge ‘em all Matrix style!

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Image via Crov

Giant Water Pong
The game you know has been supersized to guarantee more fun! Throw as many water balls into your opponents’ water buckets, then celebrate your sweet victory by drenching your opponents with the water from the buckets.

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Image via 2011 Oregon to Yakutsk Wrestling Cultural Exchange

Water Balloon Volleyball
Put your teamwork to the test and prove that your team is the best by taking on this slippery challenge. Balance the water balloon in your team's towel and toss it over to your opponents with all your strength. The ones who breaks the least water balloons will be victorious.

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Image via @shaunang_sngs (Twitter)

Water Soccer
Take your normal soccer and add way more fun! Manoeuvre a soccer ball through the shallow pool full of opponents waiting to steal it from you and score the most goals. Bend it like Beckham water bending style!

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Image via (YouTube)

Tug of War
The addition of a pool between the competing teams really amps up the desire to win and see your opponents get immediately "punished". Use all your strength to keep your team from falling in and send your opponents to their watery fates instead!

4. Fret not as there are also family-friendly water activities such as Water Family Fun, Water Gun Challenge, Giant Bubble Pyramid, and Rock Paper Scissors Water War

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Image via National Geographic Kids

5. Get hyped as you party the night away at the super happening concert starring both local and international superstars!

The fun just gets better with attending artistes throwing rad concerts to sing for their fans. Only VIP Experience or Premium Zone ticket holders are eligible to attend the concert, and you definitely won’t want to miss out on this!

Check out the full lineup below:

Image via UChat

Day 1 (13 April 2019, 7.30pm onwards)
- BNK48
- Bunkface
- Min Chen
- As'ad Motawh

Image via UChat

Day 2 (14 April 2019, 7.30pm onwards)
- Chung Ha
- Jannine "Ploychompoo" Weigel
- Elizabeth Tan
- Priscilla Abby

With so much going on, the UChat Songkran Day-Out festival is definitely not one to be missed! Click here for more information.

Image via UChat

Stay tuned to UChat's Facebook and Instagram for more updates coming soon.

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