We Love How This Uncle's Pokémon Toys Are Selling Like Hot Cakes In Uptown PJ

The true Pokémon Master!

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For the last one week or so, the HSBC Bank at Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya has been a crowded spot.

No, the bank is not giving out any free money or gifts.

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People from all walks of life have been gathering in front of the bank, taking up the space of the pathway.

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Take a peek into the crowd and you'll see a man seated there with a bunch of cute little Pokémon toys.

This elderly man is none other than Uncle David, a toy peddler

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Those who are constantly in the area would recognise Uncle David as he has been selling toys here for more than a year.

In some ways, Uncle David is a superstar in his own way because a lot of people from Klang, Puchong, Shah Alam and other areas in the Klang Valley have been making their way to find Uncle David and his Pokémon toys as they have been a real hit recently.

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The ongoing Pokémon Go craze has definitely benefitted Uncle David who has been struggling to make ends meet for the last two months

Some of the plushies that our colleagues bought from Uncle David.

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Speaking to SAYS, Uncle David explained how it has been difficult to persuade people to buy his toys, especially for the past couple of months. He couldn't even sell 50 toys in a week.

The elderly man was diagnosed with leukaemia in March 2015. The doctor said that he only had about six months to live.

Admittedly when the doctor first broke the news to him, he felt extremely down but months have passed and Uncle David is well on the road to recovery now.

The chemotherapy sessions have been taxing for his body, so Uncle David could not afford to drive and has been relying on public transportation. The hardworking man would take three trains and two buses to make his way from his house in Pandan Perdana, Cheras to Damansara Utama.

He used to walk around everywhere in Klang Valley, from Subang to Sri Hartamas to Paramount Garden until he was offered to sell the toys in front of HSBC due to his health condition that makes it difficult for him to walk for long periods of time.

Despite these challenges, Uncle David never gave up and kept going. Now, the tables have turned as he easily sells off 300 toys in just a matter of hours, every day, for the past few days. It is a case of more demand than supply now.

Uncle David attributed this sudden spike in his business to a kindhearted man who posted a photo of him on social media

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An employee from JeffLee The Hair Company (Damansara Utama branch) took a photo of Uncle David and his toys and uploaded it on social media on 1 September.

The photo came with a caption written in Mandarin that reads, "Those who like playing Pokémon Go, don't waste your time playing that game. Come to the HSBC Bank at Uptown PJ and find this uncle who sells Pokémon dolls for RM10 each. Donate to him as he has cancer, and you can get your beloved Pokémon too."

The post instantly went viral and has received more than 24,000 likes and 18,000 shares so far.

The effect on the sales was also almost instant; a simple Facebook post injected life back into Uncle David's business that was dwindling. Now, even his suppliers are telling him that his business is better than some of the retail outlets.

Many of Uncle David's customers often wonder why he sells each toy at only RM10 when other retailers are selling them for up to RM25 each

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"People often ask me why I sell these toys at such a cheap price. I have been doing this for so many years, this is a big 'thank you' for those who have been supporting me. This is an income for me but at the same time, this gives people the opportunity to buy them (the toys) cheap," Uncle David said.

When people approach Uncle David to donate a sum of money to him instead of buying the toys, Uncle David would always insist that they buy the toys and donate them to make someone happy.

"Some people don’t buy but they still come up to me and say, 'Uncle, how are you?'. That means they still care. Some also come up to me and say, 'Uncle, I'm sorry I cannot help you because I lost my job.' People are facing their own difficulties. We thank God we still got something to do."

It's great to see that Uncle David's business is picking up again after all the hardship the man had to endure in the recent years

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Uncle David revealed that someone had tried to tempt him with money by asking him to push for drugs and firearms but as a man of principle, he did not give a second thought to it after he refused the man for the first time.

There was also an incident recently where people took some of the toys without paying.

"Everybody must work hard, be honest and have moral. Whether you are selling things, a taxi driver, or a reporter, it's about honest living," he said.

Throughout the last 15 years as a toy peddler, in some way or another, Uncle David managed to pull through and had enough to treat his condition and support his son's studies. Though he is heavy-hearted to be separated temporarily with his son, he is glad that his beloved son has the opportunity to study engineering in the US under a scholarship.

He also believes that he will be fully well again as he undergoes his final chemotherapy session this month.

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