unifi Offers 30-Day Unlimited Internet Trial So You Can Have The Best Raya Experience

Enjoy Home Fibre plans and easy-installment plans for the Mesh Wi-Fi device.

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While we adjust to the new normal, it's important that we continue to limit exposure and stay home as much as possible

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That's right couch potato, go save the world!

Now, more than ever, Malaysians need unlimited Internet to be able to work, learn, and play from the safety of home

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And with Raya celebrations upon us, staying connected to loved ones and the outside world helps to provide a full Eid experience at home.

From giant group video calls with the whole fam, to ordering lemang and rendang from home sellers, not to mention getting must-have Raya goodies like cookies, baju, and decorations. 

Everything can be done from home as long as you have Internet!

Unlimited home Internet offers a whole world of possibilities... literally at your fingertips!

Who knows, maybe you could be the next viral YouTube sensation, just like the adorable power couple behind the channel, Sugu Pavithra!

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You can do so much without having to worry about running out of data:

- Work from home and video call whenever you need to
- Your kids can attend online classes and continue schooling 
- Go on a binge-fest of awesome shows or marathon movie franchises
- Listen to all your favourite music while discovering new tunes
- Livestream smoothly on Instagram and Facebook
- Engage with your social media followers in real time
- Kickstart an online business, whether it's a YouTube channel, selling your secondhand clothes, or something totally out-of-the-box

Staying home doesn't have to be a bore. Especially when you have the world in the palm of your hand with unlimited Internet ;)

To make things easier for you, unifi is offering a 30-day trial for their Home Fibre plans and easy-installment plans for the Mesh Wi-Fi device that provides the best coverage at home

The Mesh Wi-Fi device offers an enhanced Internet experience at home

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That way you can stay productive and connected as we navigate the new normal together! 

In terms of health and safety, unifi technicians will continue to prioritise and adhere to precautionary measures during installation and restoration work. Not only do they undergo temperature checks every day, they also wear face masks at all times when working in your home. And of course, hand hygiene is practised throughout the day.

And don't worry, you can enjoy the full perks of unlimited Internet during the 30-day trial with no obligations

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Sign up for unlimited Internet with unifi now! Get more details on the promo here.

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