[VIDEO] 5 Things You Need To Know Before Your Baby Arrives

These tips will help you get much better sleep! <3

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One thing that every parent will tell you is that when the baby comes, you probably won't be getting much sleep >.<

Image via SAYS

Jenna: "... When they tell you will not get sleep? Guys, seriously you will not get sleep."

In the latest episode of SAYS Mum Mum, a four-part motherhood series, Jenna shares some practical tips that's helped her get better sleep as a first-time parent. Watch the full video below:

1. Keep your room as dark as possible

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Jenna: "So once we removed all of (the background lights), and we had blackout curtains, it was so much easier. My baby slept much quicker."

2. Swaddle your baby like a burrito ;P

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Jenna: "What I found out is that swaddling keeps the baby safe and comforted."

3. Use a white noise machine to calm your baby

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Jenna: "Why white noise? It emulates the sound of the womb, and again, same like the swaddle, it keeps them feeling safe and comforted." 

4. Having an air purifier helps to clear the air of dust

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Jenna: "[It's really, really important] to help your baby stay stuffy-free or snot-free. And then, you know, she'll have a better sleep."

5. Don't reject help from family or loved ones

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Jenna: "Sometimes they may not do things the way that you want them to, like maybe the way they change the diaper or shower your baby, [but you do need as much help as possible.]"

For parents who want to help their baby feel more comfortable, Panasonic has a series of products to keep your home environment clean

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Using nanoe X technology, Panasonic's products can help to:
- Deodorise the environment
- Inhibit virus and bacteria in the air
- Hydrate hair and skin

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That's not all, Panasonic has also come up with a portable nanoe X generator for clean air on the go, as well as a sterilisation spray for extra peace of mind

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What's cool about Panasonic's nanoe X generator is that it is compact enough to bring in the car, to your office, or while you're travelling. It's easy to operate, and can be charged conveniently, making it the perfect companion for you and your baby.

Find out about the Panasonic nanoe X generator here.

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Panasonic's Sterilization Spray uses electrolysis to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria*. The great thing is that it's non-alcoholic, gentle on the skin, and easily refillable, providing excellent protection for your family wherever you are.

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*Certified by SGS Test report number: CRSSA/201252411-CA52253. Eliminating bacteria rate: ≥99.99% (Escherichia coli (ATCC 8739), Salmonella enterica (ATCC14028), Staphylococcus aereus (ATCC6538)) based on USP51 test method.

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