14 Fun Items You Can Buy Online To Entertain Children At Home

As an adult, kinda want these too. :P

Cover image via mizasamsul/Shopee & Katrina (Provided to SAYS)

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1. Crocodile dentist | RM8.40

Image via Shopee

The game of chance, this crocodile dentist toy requires you to press each tooth until you hit the 'wrong' one and the mouth snaps! A fun, interactive game that can be played on their own or with siblings. 

You can get it here.

2. Sprinkler pool | RM18.88 - RM41.62

This sprinkler pool is possibly one of the best ways to cool off from the heat and keep your baby or toddler entertained for hours. It comes in multiple sizes.

You can get it on Lazada or Shopee.

3. Kinetic sand | RM2.70 - RM18.30

Image via Shopee

Can't go to the beach? No problem. Create your own little 'beach' at home with kinetic sand. It feels like real sand, but when force is applied, it sticks together allowing you to create different shapes. It's also easy to clean unlike actual sand.

You can get it on LazadaShopee, or Toys"R"Us.

4. Quirky spectacles straw | RM0.97

Image via Shopee

Drinking water doesn't need to be boring and this won't cost you a bomb either. With this fun straw, you'll watch your kid chug down water like it's the most sedap thing in the world. Win win.

You can get it here.

5. Trampoline | RM135 - RM159

Image via Decathlon
Image via Lazada

If you have a little extra space at home or on the porch, this trampoline will allow your kid to release all their energy (and possibly tire them out enough for bedtime ;) ). 

You can get it here or here

6. Duck toy sprinkler | RM37.70 - RM50.70

Image via Shopee

Make shower time part of the fun with these cute floating sprinkler duck toys. There are two types: one that sprays water and another that comes with a small shower head for extra fun time in the tub. 

You can get them here.

7. Big bubble stick | RM5.68 - RM11.76

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

If you have a porch or balcony, bubbles are always a fun activity, especially when they're this huge.

You can get it here.
For refill, Toys"R"Us' bubble solution tends to be a better option than others, as they're usually more potent and durable.

8. Penguin/duck climbing stairs toy | RM17.77

Image via Shopee

Keep your young one occupied with this adorable penguin or duck climbing toy. Each duck or penguin speeds down the track before waddling up the stairs one step at a time.

You can get it here

9. Inflatable pool | RM32 - RM59

An inflatable pool is always a good idea and a great way to wear out all their energy. This pool is thick and has a reasonable height, allowing you to adjust the water depth depending on your child's age. Throw in some colourful balls or cups for extra entertainment!

You can get it here.

10. Stunt car | RM17.79 - RM34.79

Image via Shopee

If your child is slightly old enough to operate a remote control, this stunt car is loads of fun! The stunt tyres allow it to twist in different ways kinda like those in Transformers. Plus, it's rechargeable too.

You can get it on
Lazada or Shopee.

11. Bouncy playhouse | RM299 - RM328

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

You might not be able to fit a whole bouncy castle inside your home but perhaps this playhouse might work and it's guaranteed tons of excitement.

If you don't already own a pump, there are options to get this with a manual or electric pump.

You can get it

12. Car and railway track controller | RM41.69 - RM69.50

Image via Shopee

Here's one educational toy that'll allow your kid to learn while having fun. It comes with buttons and controllers for them to navigate a small toy car or multiple cars across different tracks and obstacles!

Not only kids, but even adults have been said to enjoy this. :P 

You can get it on
Shopee or Lazada.

13. Save The Penguin ice breaker game | RM8 - RM15.35

Image via Walmart

For slightly older kids (or even adults), this interactive penguin game is similar to Jenga but instead of keeping blocks from falling, you need to keep the penguin from tumbling.

It comes with a little spinner, which you spin in order to know which ice block to chisel. Just don't let the penguin fall!

The game comes in multiple sizes.

You can get it here or here.

14. Inflatable dinosaur | RM57.90 - RM58.90

Image via Shopee

I don't know who will be having more fun with this inflatable dinosaur costume – the kid wearing it or everyone else watching them flop around in it. 

It comes in multiple colours and two sizes: for kids under six and those age six to 12.

You can get it

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