These Energy-Saving Air Purifiers Look Sleek & Are Great If You Work From Home

They come with the latest advanced technology to ensure clean, fresh air.

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If you're still working from home, then you'll know just how important it is to have a comfortable working space

Where we choose to work can make such a difference to our productivity and keeping us motivated.

By now, you may have already upgraded your home desk, chair, devices, and maybe even added a little decor.

But did you know that clean air contributes to our productivity and comfort too?

Dirty, dusty, or smelly air isn't just bad for our health, but it makes staying focused and comfortable challenging as well.

Just because you're inside, the air around you isn't necessarily clean. Even if you have your windows shut and your AC on full blast, the air you're breathing in could still be dirty and dusty. There are so many things that could affect air quality.

For instance, sweeping your floor may get rid of dirt, but unfortunately, it causes dust and unseen particles to float around your home. At the same time, furniture like carpets, beds, and shelves collect dust too.

This is why an air purifier is essential in almost every home.

Striving to ensure you live in a comfortable and clean environment, Panasonic offers a wide range of air purifiers that not only clean the air, but get rid of harmful pollutants too

These air purifiers make WFH easier and more comfortable, as you'll be surrounded by clean, cool air. 

At the same time, they feature the latest advanced technology, which allows for a clean and humidified home. 

Check out some of the cool features Panasonic air purifiers have:

1. Panasonic's air purifiers provide different coverage area, for different houses

Of course, the bigger your house, the more powerful the air purifier needs to be. But fret not, as Panasonic has different air purifiers designed to suit your house. 

Certain houses also have unique layouts, which result in bad ventilation and possibly collect dust more easily. However, these air purifiers are equipped with additional features like 3D circulation air flow, which not only absorbs the air from the front to filter it, but around the device too. 

They can capture specks of dust from 0cm to 30cm from the floor with the Direct Front Suction too. This feature comes in pretty handy if you have kids crawling around the house often. 

So, whether you live in a small flat or a double-storey home, there's bound to be a perfect air purifier for you. 

2. These air purifiers are capable of moisturising your surroundings, so you can say goodbye to dry skin and hair

Dry air may cause your skin to break out or crack at times. At the same time, it's easier to get irritated eyes, sinuses, and even respiratory problems.

This is where Panasonic's air purifiers come in. They feature a humidification function, which incorporates the hydrated nanoe properties, allowing your skin, hair, and surroundings to stay moisturised.

However, if you're not in need of such feature, there are air purifiers that come with non-humidifying functions, which doesn't mean that your air becomes dry, but that the air around you retains its moisture.

3. They come with HEPA filters, which remove up to 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles

We may be able to detect dust when it's on surfaces but definitely not in the air. And it's also impossible to detect microns of particles and pollutants like PM2.5 floating about as well.

But with the HEPA filters that come with the Panasonic air purifiers, the air gets cleaned of up to 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles. 

Not only that, but the filters also work to inhibit allergens, viruses, and bacteria. And you don't have to worry about mould anywhere in your house, as the filters hinder the reproduction of bacteria and mould with its anti-bacteria enzyme. 

4. Using the latest advanced technology, nanoe, these air purifiers ensure a fresher and cleaner indoor environment

nanoe are water-wrapped particles with plenty of OH radicals. So, when nanoe get released into the air, the OH radicals remove the hydrogen from bacteria, viruses, odour, and allergens. Upon the removal, the radical turns into water to inhibit the particles. 

In case you cook often and always have lingering odour around your house, the air purifiers work great to deodorise your home. In fact, nanoe deeply penetrate even the thickest of fibres in carpets, sofas, and beds to suppress the lingering odours. 

5. Determine your air quality with the automated sensors

It's good to always be in the know of how the air quality is like at home. Is your air quality bad because of haze, dirt, or odour?

Panasonic's air purifiers work well in detecting the air quality, especially if your home is prone to a specific cause for dirty air. For instance, if your home is prone to pet hair and dust in the air, you should get an air purifier that specifically monitors dirt levels at home. 

6. They are energy-saving, smart devices that have tonnes of other functions

Many of the air purifiers come with ECONAVI, a feature that works intelligently by learning your daily life patterns and automatically cleans air pollutants before they spread.

This way, unnecessary airflow is minimised, which is so much better for the environment and on your wallet too.

Besides ECONAVI, these air purifiers also come with tonnes of functions like sleep mode, child lock, turbo mode, humidity indicator, eco mode, remote control, and so many more.

Best of all, Panasonic has so many air purifiers to choose from:

Price: RM569
Coverage Area: 20m²

Non-humidifying nanoe Air Purifier (F-PXM35ASM):

Price: RM915
Coverage area: 26m²

ECONAVI Humidifying nanoe Air Purifier (F-VXM35ASM):
Price: RM1,229
Coverage Area: 26m²

Non-humidifying nanoe Air Purifier (F-PXT50AKM):
Price: RM1,399
Coverage Area: 36m²

Price: RM1,599
Coverage area: 41m²

ECONAVI Humidifying nanoe Air Purifier (F-VXR50ASM):
Price: RM1,849
Coverage Area: 40m²

Price: RM2,185
Coverage Area: 52m²

To find out more about each device, click here.

Ready to purify the air at home? You can shop for Panasonic air purifiers online or head over to the nearest dealer today!

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