[VIDEO] Can Blindfolded Malaysians Tell The Difference Between The Roti We Know And Love?

Is it roti telur, roti jantan, or roti tampal?

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As Malaysians, we absolutely LOVEEE our roti! <3

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Roti canai, roti telur, roti tisu, roti bom... Give us any roti, at any time of the day, and we'll just devour it! Om nom nom nom :P

But how well do Malaysians actually know their roti? Find out what happens when we try to guess the type of roti while blindfolded!

Watch the full video below:

At first, we were all SOOO confident that we all knew our roti. At the very least, we should be able to guess roti canai la, righttt?

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Nandini: "I mean, this is definitely roti canai."

Darian: "Yeap... *munching*"

Raz: "The texture-wise is like roti canai, but the smell..."

Brenda: "It's definitely roti canai lahh!"

All the roti eating inspired Raz to give an impromptu lesson on how to roll chapati dough ;P

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Raz: "Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to make this, you need to put some extra flour on it, and while you're doing it, you need to do like this... *cue dramatic music*"

But by the time we were halfway through, we were stumped...

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Nandini: "I mean, this has to be roti canai la, right?"

Darian: "What other rotis are there that I missed out? Roti bakar, roti wholemeal, roti KRISPY?!?"

We definitely didn't expect to discover a whole new type of roti we'd never heard of before - Malabar Roti! :O

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Darian: "What's Malabar?"

Brenda: "Eh, this mamak name ah? Malabar is a mamak name right? Don't lie to me, what's Malabar?"

Turns out, Malabar Roti is an extra crispy and flaky roti by Kawan Food, and it comes frozen so you can actually make it at home

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Malabar Roti, also known as Malaysian Roti Canai Mamak Style, is halal and comes with no artificial preservatives. The best part is that it tastes just like the roti canai you get at mamak stalls, just flakier and crispier. Plus, you can make it at home and satisfy your roti cravings any time of the day, yasss!

Each pack comes with five pieces, and you can get it delivered to you within one to five working days in Klang Valley.

Head over to Kawan Food's website to find out more about their roti selections and how you can order them online!

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