[VIDEO] What Was Hotlink Thinking When They Released The Weirdest Commercial Of 2014?

Hotlink calls its latest video "Ohhsome", but some people say it is "ohhful". Regardless of love or hate, we try to make sense of the cryptic message in this perplexing commercial.

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Have you seen Hotlink's latest Ohhsome television advertisement? It is.... a little bit bizarre.

The video created by Leo Burnett Malaysia has gained mixed reactions - some really love it, some simply don't

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With teh tarik-drinking monkeys, a coughing durian and a whole bunch of other random elements incoherently put together, this video is really mind-boggling

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But you might have an inkling of what is going on in the video if you live, breathe, and eat pop culture.

In an effort to understand the video, we gathered SAYS' best internet junkies to decipher Hotlink's cryptic message:

Firstly, 'Ohhsome' is obviously internet lingo for 'Awesome' bcoz dat how we kewl pipol talk on ze interwebz

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This is an ad about Hotlink's latest Internet plan, so it is only natural for them to jam pack as much memes as they could in 31 seconds. Not forgetting some badminton airtime.

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We managed to spot Grumpy Cat, Annoying Durian, Lil Bub, Sergio Busquets' Peekaboo, and Funny Referee.

It's easy to spot snippets of local trending news: the KL haze, Sergio Busquets' peekaboo and of course the Thomas Cup were referenced in the video to visualise our love for sharing the latest stories

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However, we can't explain the borderline annoying backing music, just like how we can't explain why Nyan Cat has 100 million views on YouTube:

TL; DR: Hotlink's Ohhsome video is what we would call a twisted collection of the random, quirky, phenomena of the Internet

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According to Leo Burnett, Hotlink's Ohhsome campaign was conceptualised and created by a team of youths aged 19 to 24 for their fellow internet-loving youths

Now watch the video again and tell us: Is Hotlink's abstract video an epitome of creative genius or just an advertising fail?

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