Watch How This Washable Ang Pow Transforms Under Running Water

You can get them for free too.

Cover image via SAYS via BBH Shanghai & Lifebuoy

Out of all the creative ang pows out there this year, there's a washable one that stands out as the first of its kind in Malaysia

Yup, that's right. You can wash the ang pow under running water!

Wanna see the ang pow in action? Click on the interactive banner below. Don't forget to 'answer the phone' when DJ Mei Yan calls you. ;)

But why even make them washable in the first place? Well, it's all in an effort to stop the spread of potentially harmful bacteria.

Let's be real, we're well aware of how much bacteria there is on common surfaces such as money notes. So imagine just how much germs are being passed around on Chinese New Year!

Thus Lifebuoy, one of the world's leading anti-bacterial soap brand, was inspired to come up with a clever antidote to this problem. They incorporated the anti-bacterial properties of their soap into paper, which is then formed into red packets.

This definitely comes in handy during the festive season because the last thing we would want is to fall sick!

So how can you get your hands on these ang pows?

Get these washable angpows when you purchase RM35 worth of Lifebuoy products on Lazada. You'll receive a 100ml free sample of 'Clini-Shield 10' body wash and free washable ang pows!

Make sure to retain the original receipt (“Proof of Purchase”) and you could be in the running to win RM8,888 cash prize too.

Make sure you brush up on your CNY greetings for the upcoming festive season:

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