Here Are The Ways Malaysians Love To Mix & Match That Everyone Else Thinks Are Weird

Only in Malaysia. :P

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If there's one thing us Malaysians are known for, it's our ability to mix and match things to our fancy

Image via Tenor

While it's all perfectly normal to us locals, it may seem bizarre to foreigners, especially for those who aren't familiar with Malaysian culture.

Our love for food knows no bounds, and it shows when we mix and match all kinds of interesting combos, hehe

Image via AsiaOne

From nasi lemak gelato to durian with plain ricethere's no doubt that we can get pretty creative when coming up with new creations. Some of us may remember pisang goreng cheese going viral a while back, and still remains popular to this day.

What can we say, our food combos are unbeatable. :P

Aside from local delicacies, it's also not unusual for us to mix and match languages in our daily conversations

Image via SAYS

By campuring languages such as English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil together, the so-called rojak language can only be understood by Malaysians, hehe. As we live in a multilingual country, it's only natural for us to combine the languages we speak, as long as we can get the point across faster.

If you understand the phrase, "Dei, why you go mamak and never ajak me lah?", you're a pro at rojak language edy. 

No matter how strange these things appear to others, the way we mix and match is exactly what makes us different and unique ;)

It just goes to show that us Malaysians have our own preferences, from the way we speak to the food we enjoy on a daily basis.

While we all may not have the same quirks and tastes, we understand and respect each other's choices. After all, each of us has our own unique interests and personalities that suit our lifestyle.

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