7 Sure Shot Ways To Make Yourself Feel Good In Day-To-Day Life

Isn't it sad how much time we spend putting ourselves down? Let's stop doing that. And what better day to start than #FeelGoodFriday? :)

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1) List six words to describe yourself

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The trick - do not describe any physical features and use any words other than "nice"! Some creative words to choose from could be:

2) Take a walk

In case you forgot, here are the quick benefits of walking for the sake of walking:

It helps you stay in the moment.

Allow you to slow down and breathe.

Keeps you sane

3) Do five minutes of exercise

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Yes, 5 minutes. It’s not intimidating, but it will get the ball rolling. Even a little bit of exercise will boost your energy and could be the start of a routine for you.

4) Lift someone’s spirits.

You can turn around bad feelings about yourself right away when you channel your energy into making someone feel good about themselves. It’s crazy how that works.

5) Dance in front of a mirror

How can you feel bad about yourself when you are dancing in front of the mirror? I mean really, just look at yourself.

6) Turn off the computer and connect

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It’s hard to feel warm fuzzies about yourself when your only companion is a computer screen. Go find a living, breathing person and interact with them. They may say something nice to you.

7) Pretend. Yes, when nothing else seems to be working, this does work.

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Don’t feel great about yourself? Pretend that you do. Act like you do. Pretty soon you really will.

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