We Went To Singapore To Watch Formula One, Soak In The Nightlife, And Eat Delicious Food

Three days of pure action, excitement, and adventure.

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Not too long ago, we received a mysterious package with the hashtag '#todayiwill' placed on its lid

After heading to the prescribed location on the invitations, we were then taken to a super-exclusive party at Sepang International Circuit.

Just when we thought the fun was over, we were presented with another surprising opportunity. This time we headed to Singapore to catch the Formula 1 Grand Prix, stuff ourselves with some of the most mouthwatering food at luxury dining establishments, and party the night away at one of the most lit clubs in Southeast Asia.

Day 1 - Off to Koma, a super-hip Japanese restaurant

After setting foot on Singaporean soil, our first stop was Koma - a super-luxe Japanese restaurant located in the world-famous Marina Bay Sands.

Think Japanese food, with a slight hint of Western influence. Probably one of the most memorable seafood dishes we were served was the jalapeño tuna. It was sweet, buttery, and oh-so-good.

We were also served a generous helping of A5 Wagyu. Who's gonna turn down such an enticing offer? Our verdict: juicy AF. 

Drinking in the 'highest' bar in Asia ;)

Shortly after our dinner at Koma, we headed to 1-Altitude bar. Sitting at 282 metres above ground, it’s considered the highest bar in all of Asia and the view definitely vouched for that claim.

Being so high up, we got to enjoy seamless 360º views of Singapore. Plus, the added altitude also gifted us with cool, refreshing air.

Day 2 - Nothing's better than chilling on a yacht

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We got out of bed pretty early the next morning and headed straight for the pier. Did somebody say Y-A-C-H-T? Yes, please.

It was honestly a sight for sore eyes. While partying and drinking all night is fun, no doubt, it's also exhausting. It was nice to be able to just relax and unwind as we cruised around in a chartered yacht.

The weather was warm, as it naturally is here in Southeast Asia, but the coastal breeze was definitely more than welcome.

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We docked at a nearby pier and treated ourselves to barbecue lamb and champagne. Okay, now we're just being spoiled.

Some of us even took a dip in the water. When on a yacht, do as yacht-people do?

At around noon, we headed back to solid ground and made our way to the Singapore Formula 1 street circuit! *intense breathing*

The one and only Formula 1 Paddock Club

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The Paddock Club isn't what you think it is. It isn't just a room filled with slightly comfier seats - we were also given access to spa facilities, some delicious food, and entertaining live performances. Talk about being fancy.

The folks at McLaren were kind enough to give us an exclusive look into the pit lanes. There, we looked on with intense fascination and curiosity as the team mechanics and engineers set about prepping the McLaren Renault F1 cars.

Even though Saturday would play host to the qualifying round, the engineers and mechanics worked hard to ensure that Team McLaren would make it to the top positions. One of the mechanics even told us that car position and placement on the track is the key to having a good race. That's why qualifiers are super important. It's all about that finesse, y'all.

During a briefing by Team McLaren, we were told that starting on the righthand-side of the track - 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th position - can actually be more beneficial in the Singapore Grand Prix because of the way Turn 1 leads to the left.

This would entail an easier racing line from the right to cut into the left turn, thus providing for the opportunity to gain positions early on in the race.

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Prior to the start of the race, we went for a walk along the pit lane, where we saw all the other team garages hustling and bustling with activity. It was organised chaos.

The qualifying round was intense

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The cars blasted off at around 9pm.

There were close to 20 people in the garage, all working in sync with each other. Although people were running around, not one person bumped into another. It felt almost clinical, precise - like Formula 1 ballet.

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By the end of Qualifying, Team McLaren managed to snag a couple of Top 10 positions, with Carlos Sainz getting P7 and Lando Norris trailing just behind at P9.

After some cheers and celebration, we bid our farewells (for the night) to Team McLaren and the notorious Singapore F1 street circuit.

After partying at this club, nothing else even comes close.

We found ourselves returning to Marina Bay Sands. Our next destination - the most ephemeral experience one could ever encounter in a club.

Known as Marquee, this relatively-new night club is located right next to Koma. On the outside, it looks pretty unassuming. Once the curtains were drawn, we were taken aback by the sheer size of the place.

We couldn't help but feel like we had just entered an old opera house, complete with side-lounging decks that housed VIP tables.

As if the size of the place wasn't enough, there was also an eight-armed Ferris wheel and a three-story slide! Who thinks of this stuff when designing the interior of a club?! We want whatever they're having.

Day 3 - Bread Street Kitchen, here we come

After an exhausting night of partying, we were thankfully allowed to sleep in the next morning. Once we all freshened up, we headed to Bread Street Kitchen, owned by television's most famous potty-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Designed to emulate the look and feel of its flagship restaurant in England, we definitely felt like we had just stepped foot into the famous dining establishment in St. Paul's.

The food was great, as expected! We wouldn’t mind paying a little more to have Gordon Ramsay scream at us while we gorge down on an English Breakfast.

"It's lights out and away we go!"

We headed to the Paddock Club once more to catch the championship race, but not before letting Hans Zimmer grace us with a phenomenal live performance.

He even showcased local Singaporean talent in his accompanying orchestra. Theme songs from InceptionPirates of the Carribean, and Man of Steel were played.

Listening to these songs performed live really shined a new light on them. But the song that got everyone cheering the loudest was 'Circle of Life' from The Lion King. It brought back some really fond childhood memories. The feels, yo.

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Carlos Sainz managed to score 12th position despite falling behind by one lap, caused by some technical difficulties. His teammate, Lando Norris, fared better and scored P7. It might not have been a podium finish for either of the two, but it was evident that Team McLaren's pride and joy shined through for both drivers.

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One final party to cap off the night

We saw Red Hot Chili Peppers live!

Image via Tarvin Gill | Mashable Southeast Asia

We made a post-race dash to catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also, we might have been the only ones head-banging to their music. What can we say? RHCP for life.

After getting our necks sore, we headed straight for the Ritz Carlton Hotel for the Formula 1 after-party.

We couldn't help but feel star-struck. The place was chock-full of celebrities. PLUS, we even got to see Raleigh Ritchie perform live. Some of you may know him as Jacob Anderson, but most of you will know him as Gray Worm, the leader of the Unsullied from the hit TV show Game of Thrones.

The 23-year-old belted his vocals and turned out to be a real showman!

When we left, the realisation that all this was going to be over, slowly started to sink in. Talk about a depressing come-down. :'(

We have to say, this was one phenomenal experience. Who else can say they got to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix at one of the most popular legs in the racing calendar, while also living like a rockstar for a few days?

All in all, we give it an A+++. If we could give more pluses, we would.

A million thanks to our gracious hosts, Glo - real party people.

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This story originally appeared on Mashable Southeast Asia.