Famous People And Their Unexpected Hobbies

Never thought Hitler would be into drawing, much less Snow White as his chosen muse. What other unexpected hobbies are men into?

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10. Former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and golf?


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Lots of people list golf as a hobby, but we’re pretty sure few are as naturally gifted as former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. According to reports by state run media, the great leader finished his first ever game of golf - on a Championship course - at 38-under-par, a remarkable feat that included five holes in one.

9. Joseph Stalin and graffiti? He signed his name under pictures of naked men and scribbled rude messages over them

It’s strange who gets touched by the art bug. As well as Hitler, there’s also his nemesis and near equal in murder Joseph Stalin. Nobody knows if the Russian leader drew pictures of naked men. What we do know is that he signed his name under pictures of naked men, and scribbled rude messages over them, often about his comrades or enemies.


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8. Hitler and drawing? He's known to have owned a copy of Snow White and to have been a keen artist

Drawing isn’t weird, and neither is drawing cute little Disney characters for your own pleasure. Unless, that is, you’re Adolf Hitler, in which case it does become a little strange. In 2008 a Norwegian museum director claimed to have found sketches of the Seven Dwarves and Pinocchio signed by the 20th century’s most brutal tyrant. It kind of fits. Hitler is known to have owned a copy of Disney’s Snow White and to have been a keen artist.


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7. Mike Tyson and pigeon fancying?

Pigeon Fancying.

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Here’s another not-all-that-weird hobby, until you realise that one of the men who practice it is none other than “Iron” Mike Tyson. The former boxer and ear biter says that pigeons turned his life around.

6. David Beckham and fencing?


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Fencing itself isn’t a particularly weird hobby, but what is weird is that David Beckham does it. Yep, apparently the soccer star took up his sword a few years ago, thanks to the encouragement of celebrity pals Tom Cruise and Will Smith.

5. Men and rides can only equal to the hobby of painting cars

Painting cars.

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Lots of men give their cars a respray, but not many turn them into works of art. Making art cars is apparently all the rage in parts of America, Canada and Mexico, where people decorate their rides with everything from cartoons to bottle tops.

4. Ironing in extreme conditions?

Extreme ironing.

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Many women complain that you can’t get a man to come within 100 feet of an ironing board. Well, you can when it’s extreme ironing, which is simply clothes pressing in extreme environments. Including while skydiving and underwater.

3. Liverpool's Daniel Agger and tattooing?


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What does tough Danish defender Daniel Agger do when he’s not crunching into tackles for Liverpool FC? He draws tattoos - on himself, others and potentially the entire Liverpool squad. He’s a qualified tattoo artist, and he’s promised/threatened to ink his teammates when/if they win Liverpool’s 19th league title.

2. Beetle (replace beetle with other animals like cock or spider) fighting?

Beetle fighting.

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In the northern provinces of Thailand men train animals to take part in vicious fights to the death. But the animals aren’t dogs, bears or cockerels - they’re beetles. Rhinoceros or stag beetles are said to make the best fighters.

1. Re-enacting world wars?

Military historian Andy Robertshaw actually built the trench to experience what Great War soldiers went through, though obviously without what might be considered the crucial element of being shot at and bombed.

Re-enacting world wars.

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