Answer These MCO Questions & We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Home You Should Be Living In

Do you belong in a semi-D or a hillside home?

Cover image via SFGate & Gamuda Gardens

Staying at home throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) really got us appreciating the roof over our heads, as well as imagining our dream house...

Being at home 24/7 definitely made us realise what was important, what was lacking, and the difference between a want and a need. Do we like privacy or having a community? Do we wanna live in the heart of the city or a bit further out? Do we love having lots of space or something small and cosy?

Let's find out exactly what kind of home suits you best. Just answer these questions about the MCO to find out!

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This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, k? :)

Though we're in RMCO now, many of us are still working from home and trying to physical distance as much as possible, which is why having a better living environment is more important than ever

The pandemic has definitely caused a shift in our priorities, including when it comes to what we look for in a home.

Perhaps you realised you need your own space, independent of your parents and siblings. Or maybe you realised a larger home would better suit your family's needs.

Now that working from home is a possibility, you may feel that you're happier in the outskirts with more open areas and a close-knit community, rather than living in busy cities.

If you're looking for a home that suits your new priorities, check out Gamuda Land's various developments. With their wide selection of properties, you're sure to find one you'd love to call home.

1. Gamuda Gardens

Located in Sungai Buloh, the properties in Gamuda Gardens are close to nature. It's the best place for peaceful living away from it all, while still also being able to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of city life.

Within Gamuda Gardens, Illaria is perfect for those who are shifting towards working from home more often. It has all kinds of perks such as high speed Internet, adaptable work spaces with good natural light, acoustically designed spaces for video conferencing, and so much more.

Image via Gamuda Gardens

2. Gamuda Cove

Located in Dengkil, near the airports. Here, you'll be able to enjoy living in a smart city concept, complete with its very own theme park. At the same time, it's next to wetlands and forest reserves, so you'll still be close to nature.

Check out Palma Sands in Gamuda Cove for homes with a spacious layout and more storage spaces. They also have flexi zones that can be converted into whatever you need, whether it's a home office, hobby room, or home gym.

Image via Gamuda Cove

3. twentyfive.7

Located in Kota Kemuning, twentyfive.7 offers vibrant Quayside living. It's even gonna have its very own mall, Quayside Mall, opening soon, so you can do everything from shopping and dining to watching movies and running errands right at your doorstep.

Luxura in twentyfive.7 beautifully blends indoor and outdoor living spaces. You'll love these lakefront homes overlooking a seven-acre canal park, that come with sizeable kitchen space and access to a fitness station, children’s playground, and pets agility course.

Image via twentyfive.7

4. Jade Hills

Located in Kajang, 20% of the land in this 338-acre freehold township is dedicated to lush greenery. It was recently revamped, and some of the new additions include a resident-only central park, as well as a town square that houses a good mix of eateries, bars, and more.

The homes in Rymba Gardens, within Jade Hills, overlook the 10-acre central park, which includes a lake. Enjoy the gorgeous view from anywhere in your home, through the floor-to-ceiling windows or from the kitchen yard. You'll also have direct access to the precint's very own pocket parks.

Image via Rymba Gardens

For more information, check out Gamuda Land's website or Facebook page