Spend A Winter In Australia And You'll Discover It's More Than Just Snow

It's true when they say the Australian winter is truly unique.

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Malaysia Airlines, in conjunction with Tourism Australia, is offering double the Enrich Miles when Enrich members book flights to Australia from 22 June - 7 July 2016. The travel period is between 1 July - 30 September 2016, perfect to experience Australia's winter season.

The winter season in Australia is typically from June till August, with an average temperature of 15 °C

During the Australian winter, you can experience different types of weather in different parts of the country, from cool beaches in the north, to icy snow down south.

What's there to do and see in Australia during winter you ask? Well, you can do anything from ice-skating on the beach...

Yes we know, it might seem a bit counterintuitive to be going to a beach during winter but trust us on this! Even though the temperature has dropped and it's not quite tanning-friendly anymore, the winter time is still a great time to visit Bondi Beach, undoubtedly one of Australia's iconic beach.

Whether you want to ice skate in the sunshine, or under the starry sky at night - Bondi is Australia's only beachside ice rink. Just look at that beach view! No wonder it's a popular spot amongst tourists. The ice rink is part of the Bondi Winter Magic six-week festival.

Image via doing yoga or riding camels on the famous Bondi Beach

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Aside from the beachside ice rink, the Bondi Winter Magic festival also has other fun stuff like yoga on the beach, camel rides, music and arts on the streets. So, don't think that just because it's winter, you can't enjoy a great beach experience in Australia. Brb while we go get some sun salutation up in dat beach!

You would think to avoid the ocean during winter right? Oh, it's quite the contrary, my friend.

Yup, winter in the northern parts of Australia such as Queensland is still warm enough for the usual summer sports fun like diving, snorkeling, and surfing. The Great Barrier Reef is a hit with visitors due to the region's dry period. With clear waters, slightly cool temperatures and excellent diving conditions, you can be assured you'll be able to get some sea salt in your hair.

The Wreck by Alex Frings in Byron Bay, Australia.

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Maybe it's time to check off whale watching from your bucket list as well ;)

Travelling to the land down under during winter is perfect for spotting whales from several scenic spots along Australia’s coast. Some of the famous whale watching spots include the Gold Coast, Hervey Bay and Cape Byron along the Australian east coast, Point Hicks in Victoria, Sapphire Coast in New South Wales and Storm Bay in Tasmania, and more.

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If you still crave for that snowy winter feel, head down south for blankets of white, pillowy snow

Winter in Australia is unique. While the sun shines on beaches in the north, it’s snow time down south. New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are full of activities and adventures while snow is in abundance. It’s the perfect time to slide down the slopes, take a walk through the pristine wilderness and revel in the festivities that only a snowy winter brings.

The ski resorts and snow-capped mountains have it covered if you want to get involved in some winter sports

Mt. Buller, Australia

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Mt Hotham, Victoria is dubbed the 'powder capital’ with potentially some of the best snow activities in Australia.

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The pops of colours from the wildflowers in Western Australia are stunning sights to behold

If you equate winter with only the colour white, you're about to be proven wrong. Witness Western Australia transform into a sea of vibrant colours every winter, with more than 12,000 wildflower species spreading across the state. If that's not dreamy, we don't know what is!

While the endless desert lands of the Australian Outback is exceptionally striking

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Australia's Outback is incredibly scenic and stunning but the scorching heat is something to be feared. Hence, winter time is great for road trips to explore the sandy landscape of the Australian deserts. Don't forget to bundle up in your warm clothes cause it can get pretty cold especially at night, but hey, it's better than braving the unforgiving summer heat right?

Be mesmerised by stargazing in Australia because sometimes we forget how beautiful it is above us

Image captured from the Blue Mountains features planet Venus glowing above the horizon, referred to as zodiacal light.

Image via Geoff Wyatt/Sydney Observatory via ABC

The clear skies during winter in Australia make it the perfect season to stargaze and be hypnotised by the sight of the Milky Way. "In winter, you have the Milky Way high over Sydney. If you go to the north, you're looking back over the glow of Sydney," said Geoff Wyatt, Education Officer at the Sydney Observatory in an interview with ABC.

Inside Melbourne Observatory telescope and dome roof.

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There are many locations across Australia for stargazing. From the Melbourne Observatory, to Uluru, or even someone's backyard. A little golden tip by Geoff, "A small telescope with a clear view beats a big telescope that's too heavy to get out and too difficult to set up."

The diverse range of climate zones in Australia is what makes it so special throughout all seasons, and not just winter

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