World-Famous Horror Artist Junji Ito's Horror House Exhibition Arrives In Malaysia

Immerse yourself in the realms crafted by the master himself.

Cover image via Junji Ito Horror House (Provided to SAYS)

From the eerie doppelgängers of Hanging Balloon to the cursed lens of Tomie – the iconic personas you've witnessed on Netflix are about to step into your reality

Mr. Junji Ito, the world-famous Japanese horror manga artist, is all set to send chills down your spine as the Junji Ito Horror House exhibition arrives at LaLaport BBCC from 28 September to 30 November.

Junji Ito's influence in the horror genre transcends geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark across Asia and beyond

With an extensive portfolio of over 100 horror stories, including renowned titles like Tomie and Uzumaki, Ito has established himself as a master of seamlessly blending the everyday with the uncanny.

His remarkable ability to transform ordinary scenarios into unsettling and eerie landscapes, where the enigmatic and the horrifying converge, sets him apart.

This impact is further underscored by his multiple Eisner Awards, earned for his adaptations of classics like Frankenstein and Venus in the Blind Spot, solidifying his position as a luminary in the genre.

The Junji Ito Horror House experience unfolds in three distinct sections, housing a total of 13 uniquely curated rooms to explore

As you journey through, iconic anime scenes come to life through a creative fusion of artwork, live actors, and special effects.

Visitors will commence their immersive journey in a group of eight participants, ensuring an experience that goes beyond just observation. Instead, you'll get to be part of the horror narrative throughout the horror house.

While taking pictures in Hall A and Hall B is prohibited, Hall C emerges as a focal point, where the mastery of Mr. Junji Ito takes center stage, including an exclusive exhibit dedicated to Uzumaki.

Malaysians can also anticipate exclusive merchandise during the campaign period.

"From popular shows to streetwear and even tattoo art, Junji Ito's cultural influence can be seen across the globe, a testament to the far reach of his incredible work," said Chai Wei Ken, Chief Executive Officer of Adnology Labs

Adnology Labs is the experiential and events marketing agency representing Junji Ito Horror House.

"Stepping into the immersive Horror House inspired by his manga, we are excited to give Malaysian fans the unique opportunity to witness his legacy as they confront the very essence of fear and creativity that define his work," stated Chai.

Ready to confront your darkest fears? Head over to the Junji Ito Horror House Malaysia for an experience like no other.

Tickets are available exclusively on Klook. Visit Junji Ito Horror House for more information.

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