These Awesome Made-In-Malaysia Soaps Look Like Real Food!

Such beautiful things do exist!

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This is a soap

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This is also a soap

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Is the gingerbread man cookie baked or fake?

Image via Wunderbath

Forget boring, rectangular soaps. How about one that looks like butter on toast?

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There's also this orange bath bomb...

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... and this scented "gold nugget"

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Everything you've seen above is made by Wunderbath, a local brand that produces handmade bath products and cosmetics

Wunderbath is the brainchild of Evelyn Marieta, a nutritionist turned bath scientist. Founded in 2015, through Wunderbath, Evelyn's little experiments to innovate the handmade soap market saw her set up her own artisanal soap business.

Putting her knowledge as a nutritionist and food scientist into good use, she's managed to come up with formulas that will enable her to perfect these food-inspired products with the purest ingredients - natural, free from toxic chemicals and without animal by-products.

And you know they've done a good job when you can't tell soaps apart from the actual food

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We couldn't believe our eyes when we opened up a bag of goodies presented to us by Wunderbath.

We're convinced that it's going to be easy to fool people into thinking these are the real deal. The scent of these soapy creations will probably make people salivate too!

As you would have noticed, these soaps come in creative packagings too.

Aside from those amazingly realistic bath products, Wunderbath also produces cosmetics such as flavoured lip balms, all with their own twists of course.

If you'd like to get one of these, we've got good news - Wunderbath is offering a 15% discount which is exclusive to SAYS readers!

All you need to do is to:
1. Head to Wunderbath's online store
2. Choose and add to cart what you wish to buy
3. Checkout with the following code: SAYSYEAH.

Do take note that the discount is not valid for custom products such as custom shape soaps or custom gift boxes.

This promo will end on 28 February 2017, so get it now while you can!

Don't forget to check out Wunderbath's website here.

Which is your favourite soap? Share with us in the comments section below! As for us, it's quite obvious. ;)

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