Malaysian Pro Gaming Team Shares 3 Tips To Level Up Your Skills

Need that EXP!!!

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Ever asked yourself, "How the heck do I bring my gaming skills to the next level?"

You've probably heard stories of Malaysian gamers who've MADE IT. Wouldn't it be great if you could level up your gaming skills and kick your opponents' butts, just like the pros do?

We asked three members of the XPAX X-Assins, a professional team, what it takes to play like the pros

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Comprised of six team members, the squad is relatively new to the Malaysian esports scene. However, with the addition of former Saiyan Reborn player Jinn (now known as Ax), we're looking forward to watch the XPAX X-Assins climb the ranks!

Playing the ever-popular 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' online multiplayer game, the squad consists of: 
- Artha, Team Captain and Tank
- Ax, Offlaner
- Unta, Marksman
- Raisyaa, Mage
- Kukuu, Tank
- Smooth, Offlaner

1. "Work towards your goal slowly. A major plus is having support from your team when you need it."

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Mohammad Al Hatta, otherwise known as Artha, believes that having the support of the people around you makes a big impact on how well you do.

He calls himself lucky because his entire family, along with his partner's family, all showed him the support he needed from the very start. He stresses that he never planned on becoming a professional gamer, "it just sort of happened.".  

One valuable piece of advice he can give to fellow gamers is to never expect things to come easy and quick. Everything takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and most importantly, it takes time. 

- Artha, Team Captain and Tank

2. "Always keep a level head, focus on your weaknesses, and try to improve upon them with constant practice."

As an offlaner, Ax puts in a lot of effort on focusing on his lane. During midgames, he'll often be helping out his squad with teamfights, and securing huge wins in lategames!

His advice on how to be a successful gamer? Hard work and a good attitude.

For fellow gamers, Ax stresses that the key to levelling up your gaming skills is to  always keep up a good attitude. Learning to balance your personal life and your gaming life is super important in achieving the right mindset. Most importantly, keep your eyes on the prize and never give up!

- Ax, Offlaner

3. "Don't smoke, and don't do drugs! Staying physically fit and healthy helps you stay sharp in a game, especially if you play close combat."

Playing as a Striker, Unta places great emphasis on playing safely earlier on in the game by farming for gold, and then finding a good position in the midgame to help with Teamfights. 

Unta believes that discipline is the ultimate key to success if you want to level up your gaming skills to a point that you become less vulnerable during play. This discipline also revolves around staying physically fit and healthy, because without that, your reaction speed in a game wouldn't be as quick. 

A healthy life + discipline = greater success.

- Unta, Marksman

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Look out for Celcom Xpax KEK Semester 2, happening NOW!

Image via eGG Network

One of the largest esports tournaments in Malaysia, Celcom Xpax KEK aims to promote good sportsmanship and nurture budding esports talents in the country. Hosted in collaboration with MyGameOn and Kitamen, Celcom Xpax KEK is the premier platform for the best of Malaysian esports talents to rise and make something of themselves in the gaming industry.

With a combined prize pool of RM180,000, the stakes are pretty high!

Participants will compete in one of these super-popular mobile games:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Image via Apps Changer


Image via Steam

Celcom Xpax KEK Semester 2 will be taking place on the following dates:

Zone Events: 21 September 2019 - 27 October 2019
Grand Finals: 23 and 24 November 2019, The Curve.

To find out more about Celcom Xpax KEK, click here

To learn more about the XPAX X-Assins, head to their official Facebook page

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