You're Already Working Out By Doing These 8 Common Things

Think of all those calories you're burning without even trying!

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Every year, you set yourself some pretty neat #lifegoals and every year end, you end up sweating, asking yourself:

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But before you go on panic mode, here's some good news if being active is one of your goals: You may be burning off more calories everyday than you know!

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It's true! Here are 8 non-workout workouts you didn’t know were calorie burners:

1. Cooking

More often than not, prepping food requires you to be on your feet. Additionally, chopping and mixing uses a lot of repetitive moves, giving your triceps and biceps a good challenge. Baking takes that challenge to a whole other level, especially when you mix batters by hand instead of using the mixer.

Potential calories burned: 102 - 130 per hour.

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2. Gaming

Welcome to the future, where terms like exergaming exist. Thanks to active games by Kinect, Wii and the likes, working out while gaming is now a cinch! Who knew virtual bowling could work up such a sweat?

Potential calories burned: Depending on the games you play, you can burn between 200 - 400 per hour.

Just make sure to clear some space before going all out with your virtual workout plans...

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3. Running after children

From the heart-stopping dashes you make every time your kids are about to put something inedible in their mouths, to the sweaty jogs you break into when they decide to run around in a crowded mall, being a parent is THE ultimate workout!

Potential calories burned: Depending on the amount of running you're doing, you'll likely burn between 204 - 260 per hour.

4. Playing a musical instrument

Interestingly, part of the calories burned when playing music comes from our brains using the energy to process all the information needed to play an instrument. Couple that with movements while playing and you'll be working out without even realising!

Potential calories burned:
- Drums: 204 - 246 per hour
- Guitar: 136 - 164 per hour
- Violin: 102 - 123 per hour

5. Dancing

Dancing is the perfect combination of a good night out and a good workout; while you're shimmying your way across the dance floor at hip places like Changkat's Havana and TREC's Supperclub, you're most likely burning off the same calories of an hour's worth of jogging, but with more sass.

Potential calories burned: 405 - 480 per hour.

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6. Shopping. YUP!

Whoever says shopping is not a workout clearly has not sprinted from one end of 1 Utama to the other. Knowing Malaysia's fondness for gigantic malls, a shopping trip burns more calories than many may realise - especially when it's sale season and you're lugging your shopping haul from one corner to the other.

Potential calories burned: 88 - 112 calories per hour.

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7. Doing all that housework

Cleaning the house has a ton of good coming out of it, but bet you didn't think toning up the bod is one of them. To burn off even more calories, gamify your chores! Time to see how quickly you can complete each task, and work as quickly as possible to beat your personal record.

Potential calories burned:
- Mopping: 170 - 216 per hour
- Vacuuming: 170 - 216 per hour
- Sweeping: 156 - 199 per hour

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8. Complaining all the time

Given the awful news we've all had to deal with lately, the silver lining is that getting worked up and ranting actually burns calories. The not-so-good news? Nobody will like you very much...

But in all seriousness, having a conversation generally burns 40 - 60 calories per hour and you could be burning double that amount when you're complaining, especially when it includes rage-fuelled gestures!

Potential calories burned: 100 - 120 calories per hour

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See? You're not that far off track on your goals to an active life after all!

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Just remember to keep yourself hydrated when doing your non-workout workouts!

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You're using up a lot of energy doing the above activities, even if it may not feel like it, and you'll need to give your body all the hydration it needs to keep it running smooth and steady.

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Had your refreshing round of Revive Isotonic? Now go forth and seize the day!

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