This KL Weekend Event Will Feature Over 50 Local Vendors, Workshops & Free Health Checks

It'll be held from 22 to 24 September at Central Market!

Cover image via Central Market

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Zurich Malaysia. 

If you've yet to make plans for this weekend, you'll definitely wanna check out the Karnival Kita OK! event by Zurich Malaysia at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur!

From 22 to 24 September, leading insurance and takaful company Zurich Malaysia will be having a weekend carnival at Central Market, featuring local vendors, entertainers, workshops, and more to commemorate the things that truly matter in life. It's time to gear up for a celebration of community, creativity, and change at Karnival Kita OK! 

Here's what you can expect from the event:

1. Shop, eat, enjoy local performances, and take part in fun activities

With more than 50 local vendors at the carnival, you'll be able to explore stalls featuring unique products, sustainable goods, arts and crafts, yummy food, and more!

But that's not all. You'll also get to catch performances by local buskers and artistes. Make sure not to miss out on participating in photography workshops, batik demonstrations, and games too!

2. Be among the first to participate in a groundbreaking AI-based health tracker application

Zurich Malaysia is partnering with to introduce an AI-powered health tracker application at Karnival Kita OK!

The innovative app enables users to assess a wide range of biomarkers by conducting a facial scan using their smart devices.

Come and experience this groundbreaking health-tracking app which enables you to evaluate your health digitally and seamlessly.

Participate to receive a complimentary health check and have the results measured against this AI-powered health tracker. Exciting gifts also await!

3. Engage in Eats, Shoots and Roots (ESR)'s Plant Mixology

In case you didn't know, ESR is a team dedicated to helping city folks grow easy-to-maintain edible urban gardens.

ESR will be at Karnival Kita OK! throughout the weekend, where they'll be crafting a tantalising array of syrups and teas crafted from their garden for you to taste test.

You'll also get the opportunity to nurture your own seedlings in a charming sugarcane cup as a delightful keepsake.

4. Participate in engaging workshops about personal finance and networking

The personal finance workshop will be led by Suraya Zainudin, a renowned personal finance blogger at Ringgit Oh Ringgit. She'll give you insightful tips and knowledge in improving your financial wellbeing and becoming a smarter spender.

Meanwhile, Natalie Kniese, a public speaking and communication coach, will conduct a career development workshop to help you refine your networking skills and speak with confidence.

5. Receive complimentary wellness checks from Sunway Home Healthcare

As Zurich Malaysia prioritises in taking care of your wellbeing, they've engaged Sunway Home Healthcare to offer complimentary basic health assessments, which include blood pressure readings, glucose monitoring, weight assessments, and more. 

6. Listen to a conservation talk and nature photography sharing session

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Image via Zurich Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

The Tropical Rainforest Conservation & Research Center (TRCRC) will be sharing about their reforestation and conservation efforts under the Zurich Cares programme.

To further highlight the importance of reforestation, Zurich Malaysia will have a breathtaking photo exhibition at Central Market's C-Space, which will showcase the brand's commitment to saving and protecting endangered tree species in Merisuli, Sabah.

The Karnival Kita OK! event is part of Zurich Malaysia's Care For What Matters commitment to helping Malaysians bring out the best in them

Zurich Malaysia is committed to caring for Malaysians and our planet, offering a range of products to give you peace of mind, while helping you prioritise wellness and obtain the confidence to unlock your potential.

Country CEO/Head of Zurich Malaysia, Junior Cho, said, "We are thrilled to bring the vibrant Karnival Kita OK! to life at Central Market.

"This event embodies our Care For What Matters ethos, and Central Market's iconic status as a hub of cultural diversity makes it the ideal location that perfectly aligns with our mission to promote unity and community care. We invite everyone to join us for a truly heartwarming and memorable experience."

Here's a look at the full schedule: 

For more details about the Karnival Kita OK! event, head over to Zurich Malaysia's website

You can also follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates. 

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