72-Year-Old Aunty Runs Century-Old Melakan Bar Making Drinks With Local & Imported Spirits

It was once an opium den.

Cover image via @lanatir (Instagram) & @ahchoo1976 (Instagram)

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Nestled on a small street in Melaka is a quaint, historic bar that has been around for over 100 years, serving as a local watering hole for generations

Sin Hiap Hin is a quiet establishment along Kampung Jawa that is arguably one of the oldest bars in Malaysia.

Behind the counter is a 72-year-old woman, affectionately known as Aunty Doris, who has dedicated over four decades to tending the bar and expertly crafting "cocktails".

From the moment you step into the bar, you're transported back in time with its old-school grilles, rustic wooden counters, and faded walls

But that's the charm of this space. Unlike modern-day bars that strive to recreate an old-school ambience, Sin Hiap Hin authentically embodies the essence of a bygone era, making it truly timeless.

The bar apparently opened during the 1920s for fishermen to stop by for a drink or two before heading back out to sea.

Aunty Doris, with her wealth of tales from her years tending the place, reminisces about its past as an opium den. Among these anecdotes are accounts of Japanese soldiers who were regular customers of the bar.

According to FMT, Sin Hiap Hin was founded by her father-in-law's grandfather, and it has since been around for four generations.

After she got married, she helped her husband run the bar and took on more roles as his health began to deteriorate.

Another distinctive aspect about the bar is its selection of local and imported liquors and spirits, including Melaka rice wine and Chinese rice wine, alongside some less common options

Unlike the typical ciders and beers you might have had, you'll find a mix of Chinese wines and liquors to choose from, some of which have been around as long as the establishment itself.

But even if you just need a break from the heat and want to cool down with a refreshing beer or two, the bar has you covered.

Relax, order a drink, and enjoy the tales Aunty Doris has to share.

Don't underestimate her warmth and friendliness; she's renowned for her knack in concocting potent and delightful drinks!

If you're heading there, take note that the bar is only open during the day.

Here's where Sin Hiap Hin is located:

5, Kampung Jawa,
75200 Melaka

Opening hours
9.30am - 5.30pm (Monday - Saturday)
9.30am - 4.30pm (Sunday)

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