Here Are The Number Of Calories In Your Favourite Deepavali Foods

Counting blessings > counting calories.

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What's a better way to celebrate festivities than to eat and eat and eat?

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Before you start feasting, here's a guide to help you count the calories of your Deepavali snacks with tips on how to work them off:

1. Thosai

Beetroot thosai.

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This Deepavali breakfast staple is made of various fermented rice and lentils and can also come in other variations, such as the beetroot thosai.

With roughly 97 calories per serving, you can have quite a few without feeling guilty! Just for comparison, the amount of calories in a piece of thosai is similar to that of a single apple. 

According to Shape, you can burn those calories by reading a book for 65 minutes.

2. Coconut Candy

Coconut, sugar, and condensed milk. These little vibrant squares are a real guilty pleasure.

Nutritionix states that an 18 gram piece of this sweet treat is about 65 calories.

Spend about seven minutes helping your mother move some furniture around the house and those calories will just shed off.

3. Jalebi

This north Indian treat is made out of deep fried flour drenched in sugar syrup.

The spiral-shaped delight is around 150 calories each.

Just stand up for about an hour while you chit-chat with your favourite auntie and those calories will go away just like that.

4. Murukku

There are so many different varieties of murukku. They come in circular coils which are deep fried until golden brown in color.

One piece of murukku contains 78 calories
and I don't know about you, but I can easily down about 10 pieces in a seating. That makes up a grand total of 780 calories, which equals to about four bowls of white rice. 

Based on AZcentral, you'll need to drive for 30 minutes to burn off the calories in one single murukku. Guess I'll be driving all the way to Kelantan.

5. Gulab Jamun

These decadent milk-solid-based sweets are often garnished with dried nuts such as almonds to enhance flavour.

Each little sphere can reach up to 150 calories.

According to Huffington Post, dancing to some upbeat Bollywood tunes for 24 minutes will wave all those calories away.

6. Mutton Curry

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One cup of delicious mutton curry is about 271 calories.

According to India Times, goat meat is a great source of Vitamin B which helps burn fat!

All it takes is about two and a half hours of gardening to burn off this perfect biryani side dish.

7. Adhirasam

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Tamils would often start Deepavali with sweetmeats like Adhirasam as it symbolises a sweet beginning to the day. It's commonly known as kuih peneram or denderam among the Malay community (and it has another famous name with a racial slur, please don't use it).

This dessert can carry about 300 calories, depending on the size.

90 minutes of cooking a meal can actually help you lose 300 calories. Just don't tell your mum, or she'll make you stay in the kitchen all day.

8. Idli

Another great Deepavali breakfast choice is the soft and fluffy idli. It is a type of savoury rice cake made out of fermented lentils and rice.

Usually paired with sambar or coconut chutney, the idli contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Each piece is about 39 calories.

To burn 40 calories, you can chew on sugar-free gum for about 45 minutes.

But hey, why count calories when you can count your blessings?

Happy Deepavali, everyone!

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