This Malaysian Bakery Specialises In Piñata Cakes For A Smashing Good Time

Cake or art?

Cover image via Forêt Blanc Patisserie

If you're looking for something special for an upcoming celebration that's not a traditional cake, Forêt Blanc Patisserie should be your go-to bakery

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Forêt Blanc makes piñata cakes that look they came straight out of a storybook. Smash them open for some awesome treats like truffles, macarons, and sometimes, even money.

Their macaron towers are also both Insta-worthy and delicious. They even hand-draw the flowers of each macaron.

If you prefer traditional cakes, Forêt Blanc can make your dream cake come to life. Their most popular flavours include chocolate, raspberry, matcha, and lychee rose.

Here's a video of the piñata cake in action:

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These Malaysian bakers also have stunning creations:

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