Baskin-Robbins Has A Buy 1, Free 1 Promotion From Monday To Friday For The Rest Of 2019!

Double portion = double happiness.

Cover image via SAYS Makan/Baskin-Robbins

Ice cream lovers, the dessert gods have heard your prayers.

To celebrate its 31st anniversary, Baskin-Robbins is having a buy one, free one promotion every Monday to Friday!

Image via SAYS Makan

The promotion, which started on Monday, 15 April, was announced on Baskin-Robbins' Facebook page yesterday.

The Happy Hour lasts between 12pm to 3pm and allows you to purchase one single regular scoop or cold brew tea

You can get a scoop of ice cream in a cone or cup (waffle cones are not part of the promotion).

Image via SAYS Makan

The best part of all is that the promotion will continue till the end of 2019 (including public holidays) at Baskin-Robbins outlets nationwide!

So, grab a friend or treat yourself to a double portion. :p

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