This Milk Tea Shop In The Philipines Serves Up Bubble Tea Pearls On French Fries

Where do we draw the line?!

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Bubble tea pearls seem to have found its way into every kind of food now, from pizzas to steamboat.

What other possible dish would people add these pearls on next, you wonder?

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Presenting to you, bubble tea pearls on fries

A bubble tea shop in Manila, Philippines called The Pearl Fajardo, recently introduced this new item to its menu

According to Mothership, the shop topped a box of fries with a liberal serving of pearls, calling this boba creation 'The Triple Treat'.

They even encourage customers to eat them with a bubble tea drink.

Facebook users seem understandably divided over this latest sweet and salty concoction

This user wrote "That's right. Then finish the tomato sauce with the milk tea."

While this user imagined the origin of the dish.

The Facebook post that went up on Thursday, 10 October has gained over 9,800 shares.

To add to the confusion, the shop also serves curly fries with their avocado milk tea called 'Avocado Graham'

If you ever find yourself in Manila, here is where you can find it:

1666 J Fajardo St Sampaloc, Manila

Opening hours:
11am – 11pm (Monday to Sunday)

Find out more information on Facebook.

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Here are all the other boba concoctions you could possibly imagine:

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