What's The One Rice Dish You Can't Live Without? Malaysians Share Their Best Photos

"How do I live without youu" - Malaysians to their rice, probably. :P

Cover image via Kamelia (Provided to SAYS) & Shin Ling (Provided to SAYS)

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Mmmm, nasi is the bestttt! We have so many yummy rice dishes in Malaysia, and we love 'em all! <3

From local dishes like nasi ayam, lo mai gai, and banana leaf, to international delicacies like sushi, bibimbap and chicken kabsah, we have a complex and diverse mix of rice dishes to feast on, nyam nyam. And no matter which one we eat, it's always soooo puas and we confirm food coma after that, hehe.

Of all the banyak rice dishes out there, you probably have your favourite one, right?

In collaboration with Jasmine Food Corporation, we asked Malaysians to share their best photos of the one rice dish they absolutely can't live without. Check them out:

1. "I love this onigirazu rice sandwich, because it's a well-packed, nutrient-dense meal"

"This is a Japanese dish, but I tried to fuse it with a bit of local taste by adding tempeh, haha. I can even prep them ahead of time, and store them in the fridge to grab-and-go! After all, not all healthy food has to be boring salads!"

- Shin Ling, 29

2. "How can you not love chicken rice with the yellow coloured rice, the scrumptious and tender chicken, the side vegetables, the chilli and soy sauces that truly enriches the dish even more, and the soup that completes the dish?"

"When I was young, my dad would buy nasi ayam for the family once a week, and it was a real treat for us. I remember being very happy and always looking forward to eating it again every week. Also, I was not a fan of vegetables before, but when it comes to nasi ayam, I would finish the whole thing including the vegetables. And even now, I'll occasionally treat myself to a nice nasi ayam dish.

"I guess that's why I can't live without it. For one, the dish itself is sooo good. At this point, luckily, I have yet to experience a bad nasi ayam dish. Also, since I'm currently living alone, away from my family, I feel that nasi ayam has become something precious to me, like a sense of connection with my family. It's as if even though we are far away, we are still living under the same sky and connected with the tastiness of nasi ayam."

- Mifzal, 27

3. "I think most Malaysians would agree that nasi lemak is a delicacy you just can't live without"

"Ever since I was a kid, I'd always buy nasi lemak from the canteen during rehat. I refused to bring bekal because the mak cik's nasi lemak was just sooooo good. My mum tried making it for me, but since she was used to cooking Indian food, it wasn't really the same. 

"Even though my stomach can't handle spicy foods, I still eat it anyway. The combination of crispy ikan bilis, crunchy peanuts, spicy sambal, and coconut flavoured rice is just too enticing." 

- Pradeep, 26

4. "I love eating bibimbap, it's my favourite Korean food ever!"

"I first tried bibimbap after seeing it in a K-drama. It looked so simple yet so mouthwateringly delish that I just had to try it, and it was love at first bite!

"Ever since then, bibimbap has been my go-to order when I go out for Korean food with my friends. I always order the dolsot bibimbap, because that comes in a hot bowl, which keeps the rice, veggies, and meat all nice and warm throughout my meal. And the best part is that the rice even gets a little crispy, making it extra yums. Seriously, if I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life, I'd choose bibimbap."

- Nisha, 25

5. "Banana leaf is the best meal ever. Looking at this photo, it just makes me crave it all over again."

"For me, banana leaf was my comfort food growing up. I've always had good memories attached to banana leaf because it is usually served during special occasions like birthdays and family get-togethers.

"Curry has always been my favourite dish, so I love how banana leaf incorporates different types of curry, whether it's chicken, lamb, or fish. Have to banjir the rice with alllll the curry, baru lah best!"

- Kamelia, 24

6. "Nasi campur all day, erryday!"

"Back before WFH days, my colleagues and I used to have nasi campur for lunch almost every day! We had a few different stalls that we'd frequent, with our favourite being a vegetarian place. Nasi campur is legit the best, can get so much food for so cheap. Tempeh is my fave nasi campur pick, I always choose that if got, hehe."

- Laila, 34

7. "This fragrant five-grain rice served with several side dishes makes up a healthy, well-balanced meal"

"Nothing beats the feeling of having a hearty, home-cooked meal served piping hot after a long day of work. My mum's home-cooked five-grain rice certainly warms me up, and it's one of my favourite dishes. Thanks to her delicious cooking, I learnt how to use various ingredients in a single meal."

- Eyu, 29

8. "Rice porridge is one of my comfort food when I'm feeling down or feeling unwell, because it is easy to eat and soothes the throat with its soft texture, warmth, and satisfying flavours"

"I could eat it plain with a dash of white pepper and soy sauce, but I prefer rice porridge with a few more additions such as broth, salted egg, crispy fried shallots, and a little bit of sambal kicap added on top to give that extra kick. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. 

"Whenever I'm unwell, I'll always be sure to have a bowl full of bubur nasi by my side, while I'm wrapped up all warm and cosy in my comforter, hehe. Can't imagine how I'd get through those sick days without it."

- Syaza, 28

9. "Never tried Arab food until I entered UIA (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia) and I was shocked at the amount of food that was served per person"

"Hahaha, I remember I was like, 'Biar betul' when I bought chicken kabsah for the first time. Every bite was a burst of flavour. I learned that this spiced rice dish cooks the chicken together with rice, along with kabsa spices, such as black pepper, cloves, saffron, cardamom, and more. Together with hummus, and a side of fries, it makes a hearty and fulfilling meal."

- Fiq, 27

So, did you manage to get through this list without salivating? :P There's no doubt about it, we definitely can't live without our nasi.

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