OMG This Lava Cake Is Stuffed With Real D24 And It Looks SO GOOD

Guess we know what we'll be having for dessert tonight. :9

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We got good news for you!

Domino's has brought back their ultimate Durian Lava Cake for all you durian lovers out there, YAY!! :DD

The comeback of the unique Durian Lava Cake, which was unveiled in April this year, is to celebrate Malaysians' love for durians. While the king of fruits is usually available only in the middle of the year, Domino's wants to give you all the durian goodness to you this off-season! 

And it looks soooo good too! The limited edition golden lava cake has a perfect golden crust on the outside. Cut it open and you'll see a bright gold D24 durian lava oozing out. Ooooofff, so satisfying!

Would you just take a LOOK. AT. THAT.

Look at that durian lava oozing out, WOWWW

Guess we know what we'll be having for dessert tonight :9

Are you done feasting your eyes yet?

With Domino's Durian Lava Cake, confirm you can satisfy your durian cravings!

We tried the cake and it was scrumptious! Make sure to savour every bite of the creamy durian lava with the crusty cake, okay? Before we know it, our lava cake habis already. T.T

But that isn't going to stop us from ordering more. Best of all, you don't even need to go out to get it. Let Domino's deliver all that durian goodness to you instead, whooooo!

And when you order the lava cake, don't forget to pair it with the pizzas!

Image via Domino's

Domino's wants to give you the best everyday deals for their pizzas and sides. 

This time, the pizza chain has a new, nationwide Everyday Value Buy 1 Free 2 promo! You can order a Regular, Large, or Xtra Large pizza and get an additional free regular pizza and bread side, or a Banana Kaya and Cheesy Stix, or Crazy Chicken Crunchies with Chocolate Lava Cake. What, get more for free, and with so many to choose from? Awesome lahhh. 

Image via Domino's

What's even better is that you can enjoy Domino's Everyday Value Buy 1 Free 2 sets to upgrade your bread side, Banana Kaya, or Chocolate Lava to the Durian Lava Cake! Check out the details below:

1. Buy 1 Free 2: Me, Myself & I Offer
- Upgrade your Chocolate Lava Cake to the Durian Lava Cake for only RM4.90
2. Buy 1 Free 2: Geng Offer
- Upgrade your bread side to the Durian Lava Cake for only RM7.90
3. Buy 1 Free 2: Aku & Dia Offer
- Upgrade your Banana Kaya to the Durian Lava Cake for only RM7.90

Or if you want to add on the Durian Lava Cake to your order instead, you can savour it for RM12.90 only or RM13.90 for ala carte.  

If you're looking for more exciting promos to satisfy your cravings, Domino's has tonnes of other everyday deals coming soon for you and your family to enjoy. So stay tuned for more deals and learn more here.

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Satisfy your durian cravings today! Get it delivered to you or place a takeaway order at your nearest Domino's outlet.

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