Here Are The Number Of Calories In Your Favourite Mooncakes. Don't Hate Us Please

Just a kind reminder to eat everything in moderation!

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Do you bother cutting up your mooncake to share, or do you pick one up and eat it WHOLE?

Whichever type of mooncake eater you are, here's a guide to help you count calories and (maybe) burn them off later:

Scroll down to know what activities you could do to use those calories up.

1. Baked lotus seed paste mooncake

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Unbeknown to many, the humble, traditional mooncake packs a whopping 716 calories.

Essentially made out of flour, sugar, and oil, eating an entire mooncake takes up a good deal of your daily quota of calories.

For context, according to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS), the average recommended daily intake of calories is 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women.

That amount of calories is equivalent to a plate of char koay teow at 744 calories, and would take about two hours of intense cycling to burn off.

2. Baked lotus seed paste mooncake with one salted egg yolk

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The ultimate concoction of sweet and savoury - the addition of a salted egg yolk to a mooncake makes it a sinful 790 calories.

That amount is slightly less than four full slices of pizza, which according to MyFitnessPal are about 800 calories and would take you about 80 minutes of running to shed.

3. Baked lotus seed paste mooncake with two salted egg yolks

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A lotus seed paste mooncake with two salted egg yolks is a calorie bomb of 890 calories.

A nutritionist interviewed by The Straits Times said that this is equivalent to the number of calories found in 45 teaspoons of sugar, or a heaping plate of nasi lemak along with a cup of teh tarik.

You would have to do five hours of housework - anything from sweeping or vacuuming your house to possibly pruning up your garden - to counter this indulgence.

4. Baked red bean paste mooncake

According to the Singapore Health Promotion Board, a baked red bean paste mooncake is about 690 calories per cake.

Those calories are slightly more than the amount you would get from eating four fried chicken drumsticks, which would be about 640 calories.

However, a little over an hour of running or cycling could offset this heavenly-tasting caloric surplus.

5. Snowskin lotus seed paste mooncake

Adorable snowskin mooncakes are only about 186 calories.

However, don't let that number fool you. Snowskin mooncakes usually weigh one-third of a traditional baked mooncake and are so misleadingly small, we all tend to eat a few.

If you eat three, that's about the same calories as two cheeseburgers! But if you eat in moderation and only have one, rest assured, you would only need to do a brisk 20-minute run in a park.

6. Flaky yam paste mooncake

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A 100g flaky yam paste mooncake would be about 454 calories, which equals to about three bowls of white rice.

That's pretty scary considering that you could definitely gobble down more than one of these addictive treats in a seating.

You would have to do about two hours of housework to bid goodbye to those calories.

Now that you know this, it definitely doesn't hurt to grab a lantern and do some walking outside.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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