FamilyMart Malaysia Releases All-New Mango Froyo Sofuto & Mango Milkshake!

Refreshing and tangy.

Cover image via @familymartmy (Instagram)

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After teasing us for days, FamilyMart Malaysia has finally announced its very first yoghurt soft serve... MANGO FROYO SOFUTO!

The new flavour comes in either a cone, pint, cup, as well as a milkshake

According to the Japanese chain outlet, the ice cream tastes luscious, tangy, and creamy, making it the perfect refreshing dessert for hot weather.

After a heavy lunch or spicy oden, you'll probably wanna wash down your meal with the all-new mango milkshake.

Though take note that all items are sold based on availability in-store and while stocks last.

Since the launch on Saturday, 7 May, Malaysians have been super excited to try the new desserts, and some already have

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

BRB, we're on the way to FamilyMart now too :P

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Have you checked out FamilyMart's Food Superstores and vending machines yet?

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