The Cinema In Pavilion KL Has A Cafe With RM2 Ice Cream & Melted Raclette Cheese Hot Dogs

They even have waffle boxes coated in hot and gooey chocolate!

Cover image via @cafelacroisette (Instagram)

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Café la Croisette have their hands on a plethora of French snacks to kick off your movie viewing experience at Dadi Cinema in Pavilion KL

Tired of just having popcorn and a soft drink? They've got you covered.

Located within the perimeter of Dadi Cinema in Pavilion KL, this cafe has to be the first pitstop after buying your movie tickets, but before entering the cinema.

From sandwiches to hot dogs, have your pick at which bread-based snack will tame your tummy

The classic hot dog consists of a Vienna sausage, topped with their homemade relish and standard condiments, such as ketchup, onions, and mustard. If you're looking for a little more juice, get their chilli dog instead.

Don't miss out on their traditional French sandwich, Croque-Monsieur, either. With turkey meat and a generous amount of cheese, these sandwiches are triple-decker, to melt in your mouth.

If you're looking for more variety, they even have danishes, croissants, and raisin bread.

Try out the caramelised peanuts, known as 'ChouChous', from as low as RM9. To all avid movie goers, don't be disappointed! They have traditional popcorn if you'd prefer that too.

Prefer something sweeter instead? Hit the kiosk and ask for their popular waffle bowls!

Choose your waffle topping: caramel or chocolate sauce to glaze your warm waffles while you chomp down in the chilly cinema. 

Prefer ice cream instead? Add a scoop or two to your bowl along with the warm "ChouChous" caramelised nuts!

Have you heard of Profiteroles? It's a classic French dessert consisting of vanilla ice cream, choux puffs, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and toasted almonds. Well if you haven't, order it from the cafe and try it while watching the movie!

Alternatively, they also have a fluffy ice cream combination called 'Berry Me', which consists of vanilla ice cream, crushed meringue, toasted pistachios, and raspberry sauce.

And if none of these options suit your fancy, they even have a range of multi-flavoured cakes, including Red Velvet, Tiramisu Crêpes, Burnt Cheesecake, and Dark Chocolate Rocher

Miss going to carnival fairs during the COVID-19 lockdowns? Order their cotton candy and relive the fun!

The Melted Raclette Cheese sandwich is certain to give you goosebumps as it spreads all over the hot dog of your choice

This sandwich is served in a mini-baguette with smoked chicken, pickled onions, mustard, and most important of the bunch, melted Raclette cheese!

Imported from Europe, the traders will spread this glossy and creamy cheese all over your baguette to produce an aromatic and delicious combination.

You even have the option to add the cheese to other snacks, including potato wedges, and hot dogs.

Not convinced yet? Here's a video of the melted cheese being scraped onto the sandwich:

One of the biggest snack highlights has to be their RM2 vanilla ice cream with a charcoal cone!

You read that correct, get RM2 ice cream even after you go broke buying movie tickets.

The abundance of food choices doesn't just end there, their drink options will have you spoilt for choice too

Honestly, which other cinema has pressed juices, coffees, matcha lattes, teas, lemonades, and milkshakes?

Rising to become one of the most sought after cafes in KL, just buy your snacks and eat in their dining area. You don't have to watch a movie!

The cafe is open to all Pavilion visitors. Take a load off during your shopping spree and devour their French snacks and desserts without needing to buy a film ticket.

And if you're too lazy to move from your spot at home, they even deliver right to your doorstep through Grab (depending on where you live).

Here's where you can find Café la Croisette:

Level 5, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Pavilion, Bukit Bintang,
 55100 Kuala Lumpur, WPKL.

Reminder: Café la Croisette is located within Dadi Cinema.

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