You Can Now Get Mamak-Quality Teh Tarik In A Can!

Pssst... you can also score yourself some FREE teh tarik!

Cover image via Seismik Makan (YouTube) & F&N (Edited by SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by F&N.

Teh tarik lovers, rejoice!

With the all-new F&N Teh Tarik ORI that comes in a can, you can conveniently grab Malaysia's favourite drink whenever you want, yaaaay!

Made using only quality ingredients and combined with F&N canned milk, F&N Teh Tarik ORI preserves that authentic taste of a freshly-made teh tarik you get at a mamak.

Conveniently available in a can, now you can enjoy the satisfying taste and texture of teh tarik anytime and anywhere you want!

The F&N Teh Tarik ORI cans are designed to be consumed at one go, making them suitable for occasions like family gatherings, as an accompaniment to your meal, while watching a movie, during a picnic, or when chilling on the beach.

Meanwhile, if you wanna drink some and then simpan the rest for later, opt for the bottle version of F&N Teh Tarik ORI instead, which can be stored and re-consumed after opening. So, this version should be your go-to for drinking while commuting, working, on a roadtrip, or during a lecture.

Wanna score some free F&N Teh Tarik ORI? Just keep an eye out for a special roving car, hehe. ;)

A special F&N Teh Tarik ORI Car will be making its way around Klang Valley to give out FREE 240ml cans of F&N Teh Tarik ORI, wheee! It'll be in different locations for limited times, so keep your eyes peeled for one to grab some FREE teh tarik.

Check out the schedules below:

For even more teh tarik goodness, join the F&N Spot, Snap & Win Contest to win awesome prizes, including F&N Teh Tarik ORI cans and exclusive F&N merchandise

Here's how to join:
Step 1: Spot the roving F&N Teh Tarik ORI car and snap a photo of it
Step 2: Post the picture on your Facebook or Instagram, tag @FnNDairies, and include #TehTarikORIFN
Step 3: Make sure your post is set to 'Public'

It's that easy! The contest is only running until 15 September, so hurry and join now!

Find out more about the contest via this website.

Try F&N Teh Tarik ORI today! You can head over to shops to buy it, or catch the roving F&N Teh Tarik ORI Car to grab some FREE cans.

Stay tuned to F&N's Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates from the brand.

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