GrabFood Offers 31% Off Nationwide! Here Are Our Top 10 Makan Picks To Fill Your Tummy

Time to #MakanMakanMalaysia and enjoy 31% off with GrabFood!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by GrabFood.

Hungry for the best of Malaysian food, like BurgerLab's Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger?

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Nothing beats our local food and that's why GrabFood is celebrating Malaysia Day by bringing you the best of #MakanMakanMalaysia!

So gather your friends and family to chow down on sumptuous goodness this month and enjoy 31% OFF with the promo code HOTDEALS in Klang Valley and HOTDEALS31 in outer cities.

Each user is entitled to 8 redemptions, offer valid with a minimum spend of RM25, and up to RM31 discount per order.

Promo period: Now 'til 6 October 2019

With over 100 restaurants participating in #MakanMakanMalaysia, you're sure to be spoilt for choice! Here are our top 10 picks:

1. Skip the queue and get the famous Village Park nasi lemak delivered to you

Image via GrabFood

Fluffy rice, unbeatable crispy fried chicken (that rempah!), and a killer sambal. What better way to celebrate Malaysia than with our unofficial national dish?

Also super yummy is their lontong and soto ayam. NYAM NYAM! Village Park Restaurant’s iconic dishes are delivered only by GrabFood.

2. Enjoy a lazy day at home with Yellow Brick Road when you get brunch with a unique Malaysian twist brought to your doorstep

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Must-try favourites include I Wanna Be Kaya, a decadent French toast with poached pear and coconut mascarpone cheese, topped with a caramel kaya sauce, and Beef Rendang Cottage Pie, a local take on the classic meat with mashed potato pie.

Be sure to get a taste of Malaysia with the Balik Kampung, a tender percik chicken leg, served with turmeric rice, mango kerabu salad, and a poached egg. Get your favorite dishes from Yellow Brick Road delivered only by GrabFood.

3. Take a walk down memory lane with Malaysia's first fast food chain... A&W!

Image via GrabFood

An RB Float and Coney Ayam with a side of Curly Fries... who didn't grow up eating this?? And let's not forget those big, fluffy waffles topped with butter and syrup.

For a limited time only, you can also try out the Buttermilk Cheese Coney.

4. Recently named the 15th best burger spot in Asia, KGB makes us proud AND fills our tummies with hearty burgers

Image via GrabFood

This American-style burger joint is 100% Malaysian, and a long-time foodie favourite. Check out the Magmarr, a succulent beef burger with molten salted egg yolk and macaroni and cheese, and the Bella Bomb Tower, a massive burger with a meat patty, two portobello mushrooms and triple melted cheese.

They're also famous for their Kimchi Fully Loaded Fries and Golden Egg Wings! Get them delivered only by GrabFood lah.

5. Get fried chicken, burgers, and rice sets from Malaysia's very own Marrybrown

Image via GrabFood

For a quick, fuss-free meal that's perfect for families and sharing, get the Marrybrown Happy Combo. Complete with crispy chicken, vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, and a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Someone not in the mood for a burger or fried chicken? Get them a satisfying Nasi Bowl instead!

6. Only available on GrabFood, you HAVE to order the viral Nasi Lemak Burger from myBurgerLab and #ApamBalingBalik Pizza from myPizzaLab

Image via GrabFood

If you still haven't tried myBurgerLab's famous Nasi Lemak Burger (it's AMAZING), now's your chance! And don't miss out on the Apam Baling Balik Pizza, a super innovative pizza topped with creamed corn, dessicated coconut, peanut butter, and cheese.

Both are only available on GrabFood!

7. If you're lazy to head to Old Klang Road, just get their famous Hokkien Mee delivered to you

Image via JC Wuuhuu

Get your fill of authentic hawker food without leaving your home (or worrying about parking!) because this is now exclusively delivered by GrabFood.

Be sure to order the famed Hokkien Mee, Wonton Noodles, and fried oyster omelette.

8. Choose from a huge variety of local dishes from Hawker Hall to satisfy all your cravings

From the super viral Sixty Bites Burgers to Gangnam Korean Fried Chicken, there's something for everyone at Hawker Hall.

This is the perfect place to order from when you're hungry but not sure what you want! Choose from different menus including Western, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, and more.

9. Indulge in a slice (or more) of delicious cake from Secret Recipe

Image via GrabFood

Proudly Malaysian, Secret Recipe has been a crowd-favourite for years. You were totally the cool kid in school if you brought Secret Recipe as your birthday cake!

Now you can get cheesecake and brownies delivered only by GrabFood to you, as well as a huge selection of Secret Recipe's meals. There's Irish Lamb Shank, Thai Seafood Spaghetti, Grilled Black Pepper Chicken, Kimchi Fried Rice, and so much more! 

10. Need your caffeine fix? Have your delicious cup of San Francisco Coffee brought to you!

Image via GrabFood

Take your pick of hot or iced coffee from this coffee joint that is delivered only by GrabFood. Check out the Golden Gate, a yummy drink made of orange, chocolate, espresso, and fresh milk.

You can also order a selection of pastas, wraps, and sandwiches. Recommended meals include the creamy Fettucine Carbonara, Spicy Sambal Chicken Sandwich, and Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap.

Get ready to salivate with this delicious video:

This offer is available in cities where GrabFood is available: Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Penang, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu.

So many choices, just in time for the long weekend! Check out all the GrabFood restaurants participating in #MakanMakanMalaysia to enjoy 31% off on your next meal here. Order GrabFood here!

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