Smoothies, Parfaits & Ice Cream Cake! Check Out Häagen-Dazs' Refreshing & Fruity New Items

Cool off by enjoying their new ice cream flavours, Watermelon & Strawberry and Cherry & Blackberry!

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Whether its celebrating a win or cheering ourselves up after a bad day, ice cream is always there to put a smile on our faces! <3

Häagen-Dazs has always been a crowd favourite when it comes to indulging in premium ice cream, as they're known for their rich flavors and luxurious texture. Yum! :P With every savoured bite, it just hits different on your taste buds.

At Häagen-Dazs outlets, you can even enjoy their various unique flavours of ice cream with fondue or waffles, as you and your loved ones have chit chat sessions while sharing and relishing some yummy desserts.

Introducing Häagen-Dazs' two new flavours — Watermelon & Strawberry and Cherry & Blackberry

Joining their other fruity ice creams, the Watermelon & Strawberry flavour, which also has hints of yuzu in it, is rejuvenating for those dry weather days. Meanwhile, the Cherry & Blackberry ice cream is creamy and has swirls of blackberry sauce for that extra kick of berry flavour. :D

Besides enjoying these flavours on their own, you can also try them in the form of Häagen-Dazs' new smoothies, parfaits, and ice cream cake!

Here's a look at their new fruity creations:

1. Watermelon Sunny Cooler

With the combination of refreshing flavors from the Watermelon & Strawberry ice cream, Mango Sorbet, watermelon fruit, real strawberries, zesty lime, and red fruit coulis, this drink will be the perfect way to quench your thirst, especially with the scorching hot and humid Malaysian weather. 

2. Very Berry Smoothie

Feeling berrylicious? Try this smoothie that blends the Cherry & Blackberry ice cream, Raspberry Sorbet, a splash of apple juice, and actual pieces of raspberry. It'll definitely leave you wanting more after your first sip!

3. Cherry Berry Crunch

If you're someone who loves having some crunch in your dessert, then this parfait will be a good choice. The Cherry & Blackberry ice cream is used as a base, followed by layers of Raspberry Sorbet, granola crunch, whipped cream, and crispy raspberries. A fresh raspberry on top completes this amazing creation. 

4. Watermelon & Strawberry Bliss

Incorporating the Watermelon & Strawberry ice cream, this beat-the-heat parfait has layers of Raspberry Sorbet, granola crunch, red fruit coulis, chunks of watermelon, and strawberries all in one glass to remind you of the refreshing feeling that summer brings. 

5. Fruity Lover Cake

Can't get enough of summer? With Häagen-Dazs's Fruity Lover Cake, you can taste 4 delectable ice cream flavours all at once — Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Macadamia Nut, and Caramel Biscuit. Take home a slice of summer and share the delightful treat with everyone, be it at big outdoor parties or in the comfort of your home. It's available for takeaway and delivery!

Want to try one of these creamy summer creations? Head over to a Häagen-Dazs outlet near you or visit their website for more information.

To stay updated with their new flavours or dessert choices, follow Häagen-Dazs on Facebook and Instagram!

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