Here's The Ultimate Guide To Preparing The Perfect MAGGI Mi Goreng

It's 2020. Time to learn how to make MAGGI Mi Goreng the right way.

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Do you love MAGGI Mi Gorengggg??? We love MAGGI Mi Goreng. But how to actually cook the perfect plate?

We get so sedih whenever it comes out too watery and bland. Our noodles are also always either overcooked or undercooked. What seasoning, how much, where, who, whyyyy??? #sadlyfe

Haih, why liddis?!? How can something seemingly so easy to do be so hard to master?

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Ooh but wait! We have got the ultimate foolproof guide to making the perfect Instant MAGGI Mi Goreng muahahaha...

Firstly, always open the packet by tearing gently from the left side of the packaging (from the right side if you're left-handed).

What why? So you don't waste precious noodles by dropping them all over the counter lah!

Opening from the centre of the packet is a surefire way to send your noodles flying across the kitchen. So sad when you see stray noodles fall to the counter, or worse... the FLOOR. 

The best way to do it? Tear a straight line downwards approximately 30mm from the left edge of the packet. That's right. Approximately 30mm. No fuss, no mess. Thank us later. 

When you keluarkan the noodles from the packet, don't break it in half (omg who does that?) Always make sure the noodles are intact. Baru la syok to slurp later!

Now, the ever-popular question: Should we add the MAGGI Mi before or after the water starts boiling?

The answer is: ALWAYS AFTER. 
Only drop your MAGGI in if your water looks like the GIF below:

Putting your noodles straight into a pot with room temperature water will make it hard for you to keep track of the cooking time. The perfect time to add your noodles into your pot is after you see big bubbles start rolling in the water. Not little bubbles that creep up the side. BIG BUBBLES.

Pro tip: Find a perfectly-sized pot that can fit the MAGGI noodles whole. Be sure to pour every single broken piece into the pot. Don't waste any of the goodness, ok?

Next, always make sure that you boil the noodles according to the cooking instructions on the packaging

Timing is everything guys. If the packet says to cook your noodles for two minutes, you cook your noodles for two minutes. If it says three minutes, you cook it for three minutes. It's not rocket science. :P

Don't have a kitchen timer? Kan phone timer ada. Ain't nobody got time for less-than-perfectly-cooked noodles in their life. ;)

While your noodles are boiling on the stove, use your multitasking skills to prepare the seasoning paste on your serving plate

This has everything to do with timing too. If you prepare your sauce after the noodles are cooked, your noodles will become too sejuk and sticky. This will result in less than perfect toss and flavour.

Tossing your sauce with fresh-out-of-water hot noodles will bring out the fragrant aroma of the dish better as the residual heat will "activate" the spices in the gravy.

After your noodles are perfectly cooked, strain it completely 'til every drop of water is drained

Setitik air pun tak nak tinggal okay? This is an important step to make sure the sauce doesn't get diluted when you mix it in with the noodles.

Now, it's time to show off your yee sang tossing skills

Always toss it high! Using a spoon and a fork (a pair of chopsticks if you prefer), lift a quarter of the noodles up at about eight to nine centimetres high. Let it fall down into the plate. Repeat this motion quickly until every single strand of noodle is coated with the thick brown seasoning paste.

This is the correct way to do it. There are no other ways.

Finally, complement your MAGGI Mi Goreng with a freshly fried telur mata meleleh, a couple slices of chilled cucumber, and a wedge of limau kasturi for some freshness

Don't forget to tabur the fried onions on top for an added crunchy texture to your dish.

We like to keep it simple cause the taste of the MAGGI Mi Goreng by itself is already so sedap

Tadaa, now you have your perfect plate of MAGGI Mi Goreng!

You can never have too much MAGGI Mi Goreng kan?

Good news for us, MAGGI has released two new tantalising MAGGI Mi Goreng noodles just for Malaysians — a spicy Mi Goreng Cili Ala Kampung and a nasi lemak-inspired Mi Goreng Sambal Tumis Bilis that will leave you saying “sah Malaysia”!

Image via MAGGI

Always ensuring a tasty meal, these MAGGI Mi Goreng flavours are made with fresh ingredients like anchovies, garlic, onions, and chillies to get that rich, aromatic, and authentic taste of our favourite Malaysian dishes.

For all you spicy food lovers out there, dun worry, both these fried noodles memang konfem pedas and will surely tickle any Malaysian's taste buds.

Learn more about these delicious noodles here.

Image via MAGGI

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