Popular Penang Cafe Now Delivers Its Indulgent Cheesecakes To KL

The cafe went viral last year for its century egg cheesecake.

Cover image via Instagram @wen_kaukau & Instagram @ahhong425

A famous cafe in Penang that previously went viral for its century egg cheesecake is now delivering its cakes to KL!

No longer limited to just Penang, Moody Cow Cafe recently announced that it can deliver about 23 different cheesecake flavours, including their bestsellers with cempedak, salted egg yolk, and durian

Other than creating unique combinations, many reviews claim that the cafe makes some of the "richest cheesecakes in Malaysia", which is another reason why it became popular.

At the moment, they aren't delivering the century egg cheesecake. However, the cafe told SAYS that their flavours change daily so do check with them which ones are available!

Each slice can be shared among three to four people and weighs a whopping 300g to 550g, which is roughly the same size or more than a full cake!

The price of each slice starts from RM34 onwards and the delivery fee is RM35. However, if you order five slices or more, the delivery costs RM19.

And if you get the whole cake or 10 slices and above, delivery is free! Not too bad a price considering that it can be shared and is coming all the way from Penang.

Orders must be made three days in advance. To enquire, just drop them a message on WhatsApp.


Check out their Facebook page here.

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