IKEA Malaysia Releases New Charcoal Ice Cream And Black Sausage With Oozy Cheese Inside


Cover image via @coconutcandyy (Instagram)

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IKEA Malaysia is now offering two brand new snacks: chicken charcoal sausage and charcoal caramel soft serve, and they look splendidly dark

Image via Mothership.SG

According to Mothership.SG, the sausage is slightly longer than the regular IKEA hot dog size and it comes with an oozy cheese sauce inside, although it's difficult to see it. 

Even in person, the sausage apparently looks completely black, without any charcoal taste to it, but it has a similar flavour to the regular chicken sausage.

One review, however, said that the ice cream tastes slightly different compared to the regular IKEA soft serve and doesn't have much of a caramel flavour as its name describes.

Still looks pretty damn good though.

Both items are currently available at IKEA stores until end of December

The ice cream costs RM1.90 each, while the hot dog costs RM3.90 each. If you get them both as a set, it costs RM5.50.

Last month, IKEA began offering affordable plant-based menu options:

If you're not in the mood to queue up for food at IKEA, you can order through WhatsApp and self-collect it:

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