IKEA Malaysia Has Cute Baby Shark Buns With Red Bean Filling


Cover image via IKEA Malaysia (Provided to SAYS) & Xuan

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IKEA's famous Blåhaj shark plushie is cute. But now there's something even smaller, cuter, and edible... baby shark buns!

Image via IKEA Malaysia

Previously released in Singapore and Taiwan, the sharks finally 'swam' to Malaysian shores. As of 4 June, the Swedish company added these adorable shark-shaped buns with red bean filling to its menu.

Apart from Taiwan's shark buns lacking teeth and having a sesame filling instead, Malaysia and Singapore's shark buns appear to look pretty similar on the outside.

Taiwan's shark-shaped buns.

Image via KKdayTaiwan (Facebook)

Singapore's shark-shaped bun.

Image via Eatbook SG

Malaysia's shark-shaped buns.

Image via IKEA Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

Each bun is selling for RM4.90 and they are available for a limited time at IKEA's restaurants

The popular Blåhaj shark plushie went through a makeover when one grandmother thought it looked too fierce:

Speaking of shark plushies, we need one of these in our lives: