IKEA Shark's Jaws Are 'Too Fierce' So Grandma Sews Them Into Toothless Grin

"Grandma shark mm mm mm mm..."

Cover image via ebuy7 & Twitter @hayhuahua3

This is IKEA's Blåhaj shark plushie

Image via IKEA

It's cute with an expression that we can all probably relate to this year.

The face of 2020. The face of perpetual despair. 

An elderly woman from Hong Kong, however, thought that the plushie's jaws looked a little too fierce and decided to take matters into her hands

With a needle and a little bit of thread, the grandma sewed the shark's mouth shut.

The somewhat menacing plushie was then turned into a harmless (and toothless) grandma shark

Twitter user @hayhuahua3 tweeted photos of its mini surgery in March, which went viral.

"Grandma thought the shark's teeth were too fierce and sewed [its mouth] shut," its caption reads, as translated by MustShareNews.

Don't know who is cuter. The shark or the grandma.

Image via Tenor

You can check out the tweet here:

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On the bright side, at least we haven't lost our sense of humour: