Japanese Guy Opens Nasi Kandar Stall In Tokyo And It's Super 'Laku'

Always sold out.

Cover image via Japanese Heart & ゼロツーナシカンダールトーキョー (Facebook)

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A nasi kandar restaurant has been making waves in Tokyo after its recent opening earlier this month

Zero Two Nasi Kandar Tokyo is founded and run by a Japanese man named Tateda who visited Malaysia and fell in love with nasi kandar, according to a report by Japanese Heart

He is said to have previously owned a south Indian restaurant in Osaka and would visit India often. However, during a trip to Malaysia, he tried the curry in nasi kandar and realised that the taste was quite different to the ones he's had.

Zero Two's owner whose name is Tateda.

Image via Japanese Heart

Inspired, he decided to open a nasi kandar restaurant in Tokyo on 1 February, and since then, the place has become so popular that it appears to be constantly selling out

On the first day itself, it had to apologise for selling out. Several other posts on the restaurant's Facebook page also indicate that it has been selling out pretty often. 

The main person who cooks the dishes is named Kazue. She shared on Facebook that they strived to give the space a Malaysian vibe before it opened.

At the restaurant, you'll find wall paintings and 'Terima Kasih' signs, even a nasi kandar neon light at the entrance, to give it an authentic feel. 

There's a selection of halal-friendly curries and a variety of side dishes, including lamb cutlets, raita, stir-fried cabbage, prawns, fried chicken, among others

Following a similar style to nasi kandar restaurants in Malaysia, customers get to choose between white rice or nasi briyani. They can then select up to three vegetable dishes, two curries, and one main dish. 

Prices are between JPY1,000 (RM36.40) and JPY1,980 (RM72). Any additional dishes are priced between JPY100 (RM3.64) and JPY550 (RM20) based on its poster.

NGL, everything looks pretty tasty. Imagine scarfing down one of these plates in cold weather... yummmm.

The restaurant also appears to sell lassi, chai, and 100PLUS

If you're in Japan and would like to visit Zero Two Nasi Kandar Tokyo, it's located near Otemachi and Chiyoda. It's open from 11.30am to 8.30 pm daily.

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