This Japanese Restaurant In SS15 Serves Halal Premium Wagyu Beef Starting From RM95

Asumo sources its halal-certified Wagyu cattle from the Japanese prefectures of Miyazaki and Tokushima.

Cover image via Provided to SAYS (Asumo)

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With its opulent buttery taste, exquisite marbling, and unparalleled tenderness, wagyu beef is one of the most coveted meats of 2023

According to experts at The Wagyu Shop, what sets wagyu beef apart from other meats is the meticulous care given to the cows, ensuring they are raised in a stress-free environment, with only three to four other cows in each pen.

In Malaysia, numerous local restaurants and fast food chains have eagerly embraced this top-tier beef, enticing food enthusiasts across the country to indulge in its exquisite flavours.

For those seeking a delightful dining experience with premium halal wagyu beef, look no further than Asumo, a new Japanese-owned yakiniku restaurant located in SS15, Subang Jaya.

Asumo sources its halal-certified wagyu cattle from the Japanese prefectures of Miyazaki and Tokushima

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur, the wagyu is entrusted to the hands of a Japanese master butcher, boasting over a decade of experience, who meticulously carves the meat into exquisite cuts destined to grace customers' tables.

The taste and texture of wagyu for yakiniku vary depending on the direction, type, and thickness of the cut, akin to the art of slicing sushi with precision.

Setting themselves apart from the rest, Asumo offers a broader selection of cuts, surpassing what is typically available at other restaurants.

For an unparalleled wagyu beef experience, indulging in Asumo's signature Wagyu Omakase Platter is highly recommended.

This exquisite platter offers a delectable assortment of 10 bite-sized cuts, showcasing the pinnacle of the beef.

To enhance your dining pleasure, each cut is accompanied by an informative tag, providing insights into the specific Wagyu part you're savouring.

A selection of sauces and salts are thoughtfully provided, allowing you to dip the perfectly cooked meat and elevate its flavours.

The Asumo Wagyu Omakase Platter caters to various appetites with a selection of portion sizes, each thoughtfully priced:

-100g for RM95
-200g for RM190
-400g for RM380
-600g for RM570
-800g for RM760
-1,000g for RM950

To round out the meal, Asumo serves namul (pickles), sushi, ramen, and yakitori (barbecued skewers of seafood).

You can also order whisky highballs, saké (rice wine), beers, and juices.

The Asumo Wagyu Omakase Platter.

Image via Provided to SAYS (Asumo)

Asumo's yakitori.

Image via Provided to SAYS (Asumo)

The restaurant has been designed to capture the essence and aesthetic of a high-end yakiniku restaurant

Everything in the restaurant, from the Wagyu to the plates, uniforms, barbecues, and even the cutting-edge exhaust system, were imported from Japan.

Stepping inside, customers are transported to the heart of Tokyo's exclusive Nihonbashi district, where the chic allure of a modern yakiniku restaurant unfolds before their eyes.

For those looking for a more intimate setting with their loved ones, the restaurant offers several private rooms catering to parties ranging from six to 20 people.

Opening hours:
11.30am - 11pm (Daily)

49 & 51,
Jalan SS15/5a, SS15,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Book a reservation here:
+603-5611 5733

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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