Expectations Vs. Reality: 7 Kitchen Fails All Home Cooks Have Experienced At Least Once

Even the best chefs have had these #kitchenfail moments before ;D

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1. Your first attempt at making ayam goreng

Expectation: You LOVE ayam goreng! You also love watching Korean mukbang videos and decided to try out one of the Korean fried chicken recipes for your friends. 

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Reality: Deep frying is not your thing. You discover your innate fear for really really hot popping oil. NOPE! You're using an air-fryer next time.

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2. Multitasking house chores while cooking

Expectation: Gordon Ramsey’s one-pan recipe looked super easy! So you decided to try it out and show your family some love. While waiting for it to roast, you thought of cleaning the house to impress them further. What could possibly go wrong?

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Reality:  Multitasking while cooking wasn't your best idea. You lost track of time and completely forgot your roast in the oven while doing chores around the house. You smelled something burning, but it was already too late.

Your pan looked like a gothic art piece. Everything was charcoal black. At least you only had one pan to clean! Your family enjoyed takeout instead.

"It's the thought that counts" - Said every mum ever.

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3. Seasoning your food like #saltbae

Expectation: Salt. Pepper. Sugar. That's the holy trinity of your cooking. You take personal offense when people still add-on table salt to your cooking. People who don't salt their water when boiling pasta don't belong in the kitchen. You pride yourself on serving the tastiest (well-seasoned) food at potluck parties. 

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Reality: You were flustered while making dinner for your family. You accidentally dropped the salt bowl into the wok of stir-fried chicken and veggies. Your sayur goreng became too salty! You decided to mix the rice into the sayur goreng to improvise some fried rice. SUCCESS! The rice balanced out the saltiness and you thanked yourself for your quick thinking that saved dinner.

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4. Levelling up your egg recipe

Expectation: You've mastered all the basic egg recipes and have decided to challenge your skills to do the Japanese Omurice Omelette. The tutorial videos looked super easy to follow. 

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Reality: It actually turned out to be one of the hardest things you've ever cooked. On top of that, you forgot to buy the milk for the recipe. You dug around in the pantry and found some KARA coconut cream to use as a substitute.

The omelette was too hard to do, so like every other failed egg recipe, you decided to make scrambled eggs. The KARA coconut cream you added actually made them the best scrambled eggs you've ever had! #closeenough

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5. Making meatballs for the first time

Expectations: You were craving to have some meatballs. You kind of know what goes into a basic meatball recipe from binge-watching various cooking shows. You bought some groceries and decided that you were just gonna wing it and make some meatballs with marinara sauce from scratch. 

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Reality: You forgot to buy the breadcrumbs for the recipe. The shops were already closed but you still wanted your meatball craving fixed. There were some potatoes in the pantry so you decided to make "Asian" meatballs instead a.k.a bergedil. #closeenough 

You also poured KARA coconut cream - that’s been sitting in your cabinet for
months - into your marinara sauce for a full-on Asian taste.

The bergedil actually tasted great with the KARA coconut cream marinara sauce. Craving satisfied!

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6. Attempting a family recipe when you're homesick

Expectations: You're homesick from being at your uni far away from home for too long. You decide to cook your mum's curry recipe. You've seen her make it countless times in your life. It should be easy. 

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Reality: You got the spices, the chicken, and the KARA coconut cream - but you actually don't know all the measurements for the recipe cause your mum always measures them by 'secukup rasa'. You tried to make the curry anyway by improvising the recipe.

Verdict - It’s not your mum's chicken curry and it tastes more like rendang – still pretty good. You didn’t have a rice cooker at home (cause, broke college student.) so you boil some spaghetti to go with it. Crisis averted and you've accidentally discovered your new favourite dish! 

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7. Making "fool-proof" Internet recipes

Expectation: You're getting comfortable in the kitchen and start experimenting on simple microwave dessert recipes. You decide to try out a "fool-proof" KARA coconut cream chocolate mug cake recipe you saw from an online video. Nothing can go wrong right? 

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Reality: WRONG! The recipe was good. The cake tasted so good with the KARA coconut cream instead of the traditional milk. But you used the wrong sized mug. You open the microwave to a huge pile of chocolate lava mess. It still tastes good tho so you sprinkle it with some icing sugar to make it look edible.

After all, it's all about the taste right? Right!?

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Cooking is not about getting it right on the first try. Like any other skill, it takes a lot of practice to master the art.

It's all about the constant learning, improvising with what you've got in hand, and making dishes you are proud to call your own. #trusttheprocess

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