KFC's Iconic Bucket Gets A Malaysian Makeover By Local Artists And They're So Cantik!

These pretty designs were put on auction, and the proceeds were channelled to AddHope Malaysia. <3

Cover image via Nas Suha (Facebook) , Katun (Facebook) , abdulrashade (Facebook)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by KFC Malaysia.

Remember when KFC Malaysia called on Malaysians to share their messages of hope, which would then feature on its iconic buckets?

In spirit of Hari Kebangsaan, the popular fast food brand wanted to add some positivity to the lives of Malaysians, so they rallied people to cheer on their fellow citizens.

Through the hashtag #BucketSemangatRakyat, people from around the country got to share their heartfelt messages on social media. Compiled and chosen by KFC Malaysia, that served as inspiration for our local artists' to work their creative magic on.

And now, ta-dahhh, check out the final designs! So pretty, right? :D

KFC Malaysia's #BucketSemangatRakyat designed by Katun.

Image via KFC Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

KFC Malaysia's #BucketSemangatRakyat designed by Nas Suha.

Image via KFC Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

KFC Malaysia's #BucketSemangatRakyat designed by Abdulrashade.

Image via KFC Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

KFC Malaysia sought three local artists — Katun, Nas Suha, and Adulrashade — to design limited-edition versions of its bucket. In other words, these talented artists turned those hopeful words from Malaysians into works of art, yay!

These limited-edition KFC buckets were then put up for auction on 15 September, a day before Malaysia Day, so Malaysians could bid on their favourite designs

Besides scoring a piece of cool art, the highest bidder also got to support those in need. That's 'cause the most special aspect of this KFC Malaysia campaign is that proceeds from the auction, amounting to RM573, went towards AddHope Malaysia, part of the brand's global initiative to end world hunger. :D

Want to know another neat thing about these iconic KFC buckets? All three buckets were hand-drawn, painted, and coloured by the artists themselves! :D

Check out how Katun, Nas Suha, and Adulrashade poured their efforts into creating these one-of-a-kind #BucketSemangatRakyat below:

1. Katun

Katun's design celebrates the spirit of togetherness that Malaysians display, regardless of our differences. 

True to his statement-making signature style, Katun's vibrant artwork was inspired by comments like "susah senang bersama, kita satu keluarga," and "celebrate the small wins every day."

Watch Katun's video here:

2. Nas Suha

Featuring pretty shades of green, red, and gold, Nas Suha's bucket design takes inspiration from principles of unity and perseverance of Malaysians, especially in the face of hardship.

Some kata-kata semangat that he had in mind while designing was, "we struggle together, we fight together, we win together. That's the Malaysian spirit since 1957."

Watch Nas Suha's video here:

3. Abdulrashade

A full-time graffiti artist who merges Nusantara culture with lots of floral details, Adulrashade lends his abstract touch to the bucket's design, exemplifying, "selagi kita bersatu, kita akan berjaya."

He was inspired by the noble values of the Malaysian people, plus our determined country which stands firm in achieving common success.

Watch Abdulrashade's video here:

So, what did you think of their designs? Hari Kebangsaan may have come and gone, but one thing that's constant is our solidarity as Malaysians — and now we have these pretty buckets as physical reminders to boot! ;)

Here's to always lifting each other up! Head over to KFC Malaysia's Facebook page to show more love or find out more about this awesome initiative. :D

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