Not Puas With Your KFC Fried Chicken? You Can Now Get A Replacement By Scanning A QR Code

The QR code is available at all KFC outlets.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by KFC. 

Guys, remember when KFC was running their Two Snack Plate for only RM20 promo?

The one-day promo, which happened on 20 October, got everyone scrambling to their nearest KFC outlet to enjoy the deal. The deal was so good that everyone was talking about it on social media!

It's understandable, of course. After all, to get two Snack Plates for only RM20 is a good steal. That's why Malaysians (including us!) are begging KFC to run the promo again huhu. Can mou, KFC? :D

In fact, several netizens on Facebook also shared that they thought KFC's chicken size has improved, ooooo

"I used to always get small chicken and they were also cold. The bones and meat were also burnt. KFC has improved a lot this time. The chicken was still hot and delicious. Keep up this improvement!" one user wrote. 

Image via KFC (Facebook)

"Congrats, KFC. The chicken is now big and there is coleslaw. Four sets done," another user shared. 

Image via KFC (Facebook)

"The Petronas USJ 21 branch is amazing — big chicken and almost all of them were chicken [keel] and breast. Although [they] ran out of coleslaw and bread, they replaced them with fries and more mashed potatoes," said another user. 

Image via KFC (Facebook)

As a brand, KFC always strives to ensure that customers enjoy the highest quality of fried chicken

They even introduced a Quality Assurance initiative, where customers can replace their fried chicken if they feel like the fried chicken served is not juicy enough, burnt, too greasy, not tender, not hot, or not as flavourful.

This shows that KFC never disappoints, and we're here for it!

In fact, to discover more about KFC's Quality Assurance initiative, we visited our nearest outlet and ordered their classic Snack Plate combo

Having not been to a KFC outlet in a while (sorry, been ordering food delivery, hehe), we were impressed by how systematic and seamless everything was at the outlet. 

Did you know that you can now scan a QR code to order, so you won't have to queue? We sure didn't! 

There's a QR code right above the counter you can scan to order.

Can't find a parking spot? Fret not, 'cause at selected KFC outlets, you can now order via the KFC app, and a staff member will deliver your order to your car directly! Besides that, many KFC outlets now have digital kiosks you can order from. :D

The QR code on the counter that you can scan to order your meal.

Image via SAYS

Since we were there before peak hour, we ordered from the counter directly, and got two Snack Plates for our lunch, yum! 

Image via SAYS

Before eating, we had to, of course, inspect the fried chicken first, and boy, were we surprised — the fried chicken pieces were big! Here's a look:

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

BONUS! Here's a picture of the fried chicken skin to get you craving for KFC, hehe ;)

Image via SAYS

All in all, we found KFC's fried chicken delicious as always — the meat was super juicy and flavourful, and the skin was super crispy

As mentioned earlier, there was also a QR code on our table, which we could scan to replace our fried chicken if we deemed it unsatisfactory. Since our meal was excellent, there was no need for us to scan it, hehe.

If you would like to replace your fried chicken, however, all you need to do is scan the QR code on the table in any KFC outlet, fill up the online form, and show the 'Thank You' page of the form to any KFC staff member.*

*Applicable to dine-in customers only.

KFC strives in providing the best fried chicken of excellent quality, from farm to fork. Here's a look at what goes on behind the scenes at KFC, or should we say, behind the "skins", hehe:

In fact, KFC takes several steps to ensure their fried chicken's quality:

- Quality from the chicken food to the table: KFC uses quality 100% plant-based feed for their chicken to make sure the chicken meat is tender and delicious
- Chilled never frozen: Their chickens are chilled not frozen to maintain the juiciness
- Hand-breaded daily: KFC's chickens are fresh and hand-breaded daily with their signature 11 herbs and spices blend

Head over to your nearest KFC outlet or order online to tuck into their delicious fried chicken today!

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