This Café In Melaka Lets You Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee Behind 'Prison Bars'

It will certainly give you a sobering experience.

Cover image via @kopijail_ (Instagram)

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Located in Melaka, this café serves you coffee and 'jail'

While other cafés opt for aesthetically-pleasing and minimalistic modern concepts that have you feeling cosy, Kopi Jail, located in Melaka, chose to provide a unique experience customers will remember forever. 

Situated nearby the Malaysia Prison Museum, the café serves a seemingly normal variety of coffee, pastries, and local dishes.

Once you step into the café, however, the decor and the menu tells you otherwise

Their espresso coffee assortment have bizarre yet amusing names that may make you feel amused when ordering them. Among these are Kopi Gantung (Hanging Coffee), Kopi Reman (Remand Coffee), Kopi Sebatan (Flogging Coffee), Kopi Sepanjang Hayat (Life Imprisonment Coffee), Kopi Seumur Hidup (Life Sentence Coffee), and Kopi Jail (Jail Coffee).

Kopi Gantung

Image via @kopijail_ (Instagram)

Kopi Sebatan

Image via @kopijail_ (Instagram)

Kopi Seumur Hidup

Image via @kopijail_ (Instagram)

Some of their dishes are even named after jail sentences, while their dish Maggi Goreng Banduan is inspired by what would be served in an actual jail

There is also a spot where you can take pictures within a 'jail cell' while wearing the Money Heist costumes provided

Here's where to find Kopi Jail:

Galeri Muzium Penjara Melaka,
Jalan Parameswara, Kampung Bandar Hilir,
Bandar Hilir, 75000, Melaka.

Operating hours
9am - 7pm (Tuesday to Thursday)
9am - 9pm (Friday to Sunday)
Closed on Monday.

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