Featuring Crunchy & Perfect-Sized Chips, This New Lay's Stax Boasts Flavours You'll Love

Deliciously distracting. :9

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If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that potato chips are the best snacks, right?

They're crunchy, and are perfect for any occasion! Whether you're watching movies, listening to music, working, or even just looking for a snack because you're bored, potato chips make the perfect companion.

Well, guess what? Lay's just launched their all-new Lay's Stax, which comes in tall canisters so that you can get perfectly shaped potato chips to satisfy your snack cravings, mmmmm.

Image via Timothy/SAYS

With their new canisters, you can enjoy that classic taste of Lay's you know and love at the best price of RM5.30!

In fact, you get to makan perfect-sized chips all the time, without having to worry about crushed ones. Best of all, there are plentyyyyy of potato chips stacked up for you to snack on, yum!

And if you can't finish 'em all in one sitting, don't worry, the tube lets you save the chips to makan again later. 

Light, airy, and full of crisp, imagine hearing the crunching sounds when you bite into their chips, syoookkk

Image via Timothy/SAYS

Using real potatoes and yummy seasonings, every bite of Lay's chips will leave you wanting more. It's crunchy, and the flavours are sure to awaken your taste buds.  

In fact, Lay's takes pride in manufacturing their iconic curved and thin potato chips that are lightly golden. You're not only getting seasoned potato chips, but some real tantalising ones as well. :9

That's why Lay's is incredibly popular in many countries. The brand has been producing delicious, crunchy potato chips for over 75 years.

Like, take a look at those chips, wahhhh. So deliciously distracting, hehe. :9

Image via Timothy/SAYS
Image via Timothy/SAYS

Priced at only RM5.30 each, Lay's Stax features four different flavours – Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Barbecue, and Extra Cheese

Image via SAYS

Be it smoky flavours, something cheesy, or even flavours to tingle your taste buds, Lay's has all the varieties.

Or, you simply can't go wrong with their all-time favourite – Original. Nothing beats the original lah.

But... we know you confirm wanna purchase all the different flavours to share with your family, right? Or maybe... keep all to yourself, hehe.

Image via SAYS

Hungry dy? Get the all-new Lay's Stax potato chips on Lazada or Shopee!

You can also get the Lay's Stax at your nearest hyper/supermarket and convenience stores as well!

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