This Sleek Water Purifier Boasts A Tankless System That Requires Minimal Energy & Space

It dispenses fresh, clean water straight from the tap.

Cover image via SK magic

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SK magic recently unveiled their latest water purifier model – JIKSOO Ria – an affordable water purifier that boasts a tankless filtration system

Image via SK magic

If you're not familiar with the brand, SK magic hails all the way from Korea and is one of the leading brands that strives to improve the quality of consumers' lifestyles. What's also cool is popular Korean actor, Park Seo Joon is their brand ambassador!

On top of water purifiers, SK magic has also launched numerous air purifiers over the years. 

Image via SK magic

And true to their commitment to ensuring Malaysians stay healthy and happy, the all-new JIKSOO Ria is a premium and tankless water purifier that dispenses fresh, clean water straight from the tap.

Plus, it's a real space saver too with only 21cm in width. 

Check out some of JIKSOO Ria's cool highlights:

1. It boasts an advanced tankless technology to ensure fresh water at all times

Image via SK magic

JIKSOO Ria dispenses drinking water directly from the tap instead of a tank, which is great as it prevents the water from getting stagnant, thus avoiding any form of contaminants or growth. Additionally, a direct flow also allows JIKSOO Ria to eliminate the risk of secondary contamination in the water as well, ensuring pure water at all times.  

It gets frustrating when the water purifier tank runs out of water, and you gotta wait for it to refill, right? With JIKSOO Ria, you can dispense fresh water instantly. 

2. The water purifier requires minimal energy to operate

Image via SK magic

Other than saving time, JIKSOO Ria does not require a significant amount of energy to filter and dispense water.

While some water purifiers regulate water temperatures around the clock, JIKSOO Ria regulates the water temperature from the moment you dispense the water. Through its instant heating and cooling system, JIKSOO Ria dispenses water in three different temperatures – cold, ambient, and hot.

In fact, the water purifier uses around 730wh daily, which means it would approximately cost up to 16 cents daily and RM5 per month in your electricity bill, making it an affordable alternative in the market.

3. Thanks to its sleek and sophisticated design, your kitchen is bound to look minimalistic and classy

Image via SK magic

What's also cool is that JIKSOO Ria is compact in size, so it can fit in small and tight spaces in your kitchen. Not only will your kitchen look aesthetic, but neat too!

Other than its sleek build, the water purifier also boasts an interactive panel that has user-friendly one-touch buttons. You can dispense water at two different volumes – 120ml and 1,000ml. Additionally, the panel comes with a child lock for added safety.

4. Boasting JIKSOO technology, the water purifier can thoroughly filter water to remove any form of impurities

Image via SK magic

JIKSOO technology uses an innovative nanotechnology filtration system with pores as small as 0.0001 nanometer, a feature that tankless water purifiers by SK magic have, which can filter viruses, bacteria, microplastics, and heavy metals. It can filter 100% of microplastic and other harmful compounds such as algae, dust, chlorine, and heavy metals. 

At the same time, the water purifier uses a UV sterilisation system, which sterilises the water tab every two hours. This ensures that the water passes through a clean and bacteria-free tab, so you can have clean water to make your favourite beverage. 

Plus, the water purifier also ensures that essential minerals remain in the drinking water during the filtration process. 

Best of all, the all-new JIKSOO Ria is available at an introductory price of only RM75

With an introductory price of RM75 monthly, you get a compact, sophisticated water purifier that adds a touch of minimalism to your kitchen as well as dispenses fresh and clean water at all times. 

Wanna know more? Head over to SK magic's website to get more information.

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