Huh, How Did A Cockroach Turn Loca B Into A Rapper? Find Out In Watsons’ Funny Raya Ad!

Plus, Watsons is also having a huge Raya sale with up to 50% off!

Cover image via Watsons Malaysia (YouTube)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Watsons.

Gais, Hari Raya is almost upon us, and you know what that means - lots of Raya video ads for our entertainment, teehee!

Watsons has already released their Raya ad, and it is soooo happening! Featuring local talents such as Ayda Jebat, Nabil Mahir, and even Chef Wan, it's bound to make you anticipate the excitement Raya brings every year.  

Watch it below:

It starts off with a young couple that decides to balik kampung for Raya and visit Pak Long - who, by the way, turns out to be played by Chef Wan ;D

As they get settled in, Ayda reminisces about her family and explains to Nabil what makes her family's personalities unique.

For example, after experiencing a painful heartbreak, Pak Ngah shed sorrowful tears, but he managed to bounce back and become a rock star!

FYI, Pak Ngah is played by real life iconic rock star Amy Search. Soo epic weyh!

As for Ayda's sweet Mak Chu, she has been totally addicted to K-Pop ever since she accidentally spilled a whole bottle of spicy Korean sauce in her mee goreng. So relatable, amiright? :P

Later on in the video, you'll see Mak Chu and her family dressed like K-Pop stars, and referred to as Geng Kimchi Me, hehe.

The family is kinda awkward around each other at first, but the tension breaks as Loca B starts to melatah and show off her skills, fuyohhh!

The whole family begins to bond and have a good ol' time with one another, yay! The point of this entertaining raya film is to remind each other that no matter how different we are from one another, we can still get along and have a wonderful time together, despite our differences. <3

Additionally, Watsons has also released a series of videos which provide great recommendations for skincare, health products, oral care, and makeup to ensure you're all glowed up this Raya!

Check out the videos here:



Personal care:

Oral care:


And that's not all Watsons is offering this Raya. :O

With the Belanja & Menang contest, you'll have the chance to get your hands on Panasonic electronics as well as cash vouchers worth up to three million ringgit!

The next time you're at Watsons, pull out your MyDebit ATM card and spend over RM80 in a single receipt, then scan the Watsons QR code provided to stand a chance to win these attractive prizes! 

Also, being a Watsons member will earn you twice the amount of entries, so go ahead and sign up to have a better chance in getting your share of duit Raya. :P 

Plus, with a minimum spend of RM100 by using GrabPay, you'll be entitled to a RM10 discount for your purchase

From now till 26 May, you can enjoy this discount both in-store AND online with the same GrabPay account!

It's limited to the first 5,000 redemptions in-store and first 5,000 redemptions online, so make sure you have your GrabPay eWallet loaded and ready to utilise these hot discounts.

Enjoy up to 50% off with these Watsons vouchers, specifically for their health and beauty products

Additionally, you can get up to RM8 off when you spend more than RM80 on any facial care *products.

To enjoy these sweet deals, use the promo code provided or have the barcode scanned by Watsons staff in-store during your purchase.  

*Excluding products specifically for medicated skin.

This Raya, don't miss Watson's Jualan Ikonik with up to 50% off on personal care, healthcare, skincare, makeup, and household items

This iconic and unique sale is running for a limited only, so cepat-cepat get all your Watsons shopping done before it's too late!

If that isn't enough, Watson's Jualan E-Bazaar Ikonik is sure to get you even more hyped, with up to 75% off on all Watsons items, including gifts and hampers!

With these crazy sales, you can be like Ayda and Nabil by sending some special Raya gifts from Watsons to your loved ones ;) 

Remember to sign up as a member to enjoy even more Watsons promotions and sales, just for you.

Watsons wishes everyone Salam Aidilfitri! Walau lain gaya, tetap sama sekeluarga ;)

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