[POLL] How Do Your Spending Habits Compare To Other Malaysians?

Are you thrifty or a spendthrift?

Cover image via NST Online (Edited by SAYS) & Cilisos (Edited by SAYS)

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Are you thrifty or a spendthrift?

Some people definitely love to splurge, while the rest can be pretty careful with their money. 

While saving and spending wisely are important, there's also no harm in treating yourself every once in a while! 

So, how do your spending habits compare to other Malaysians? Jom answer these questions to find out...

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Note: This poll is for entertainment purposes only. Don't so serious, k? ;) 

Regardless of how you spend, we'll always try to jimat however we can, kan?

That's why Celcom wants to help you save more by combining your home and mobile plans under one bill with Celcom MAX.

Image via Celcom

Celcom now provides the option where you can sign up for Celcom Home Fibre and Celcom Mega, and have both of them under one bill. This way, paying for your monthly bills becomes hassle-free and convenient as you won't have to worry about whether you've paid for one or the other. 

And the best part? Celcom MAX lets you save more than if you were to pay for them separately. It's perfect for family as you get the best value for fast Internet, as well as tonnes of Internet data for your mobile plan!

Whether you're working from home or out and about, you get to enjoy the convenience of having all of your needs under one bill! 

And Celcom has a wide range of Home and Mobile plan combos for you to choose from, all of which ultimately lets you save RM21 every month

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Check out the plans:
1. Celcom Home Fibre 100Mbps + Celcom MEGA RM80:
Original Price: RM200
Promo Price: RM179

2. Celcom Home Fibre 300Mbps + Celcom MEGA RM80
Original Price: RM220
Promo Price: RM199

3. Celcom Home Fibre 500Mbps + Celcom MEGA RM80
Original Price: RM280
Promo Price: RM259

All in all, no matter which plan you choose, you get to enjoy lifetime savings of RM21 a month, yasss! Soooo worth it. 

Got WiFi dead zones at home? What's also cool is that if you sign up for Celcom Home Fibre 500Mbps and above, your plan is entitled to a free pair of Celcom Mesh WiFi Deco X20! Alternatively, you can get a pair of Celcom mesh WiFi for only RM25 a month, so you can enjoy seamless and fast Internet wherever you are at home. 

Hold up, there's more!

Signing up for Celcom MAX also gives you MAX Entertainment and MAX Savings as well.

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Love streaming movies or dramas? Celcom MAX offers free six months subscription on iQIYI or iflix!

Best of all, you can enjoy your favourite content on a brand new smart TV, 'cause Celcom MAX lets you save RM2,599 when you purchase a 60" Sharp Android TV. 

Additionally, Celcom wants to ensure your work from home experience is seamless and convenient as well, by providing RM638 off when you purchase a Microsoft Surface LTE, allowing you to always stay connected.  

Sooooo much value when you get your home and mobile plans under one bill! 

Wanna know more about Celcom MAX? Head over to their website or visit the nearest Celcom bluecube or Celcom Certified Partner today!

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