Cheeky Indonesian Netizens Compare New Mosque To The PlayStation 5

"Pray Station".

Cover image via @ridwankamil (Twitter) & Hitekno

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In 2017, a humanitarian organisation in Palestine invited Indonesian politician and professional architect Ridwan Kamil to design a mosque in the war-torn country after a number of mosques in Gaza were destroyed during the armed conflict between Palestine and Israel

Ridwan, who established a career as an architect before becoming the mayor of the Indonesian city of Bandung in 2013, has a penchant for designing mosques.

He agreed to take on the project, which costs an estimated IDR20 billion (USD1,364,834) to complete.

Fondly known as Kang Emil among Indonesians, Ridwan presented four separate designs to the people of Gaza for the mosque

They ultimately chose a futuristic design that did not feature a large central dome, a common feature found in most mosques.

When the final design of the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque was finally revealed to the public during a virtual groundbreaking ceremony officiated by Ridwan on 7 April, Indonesian netizens found it similar to a game console.

More specifically, they thought the mosque looked like Sony Interactive Entertainment's next-gen game console, the PlayStation 5

"Talking about mosques, the mosque designed by Ridwan Kamil is similar to PS 5," said this netizen.

Meanwhile, another netizen combined the two terms and called it "pray station".

The mosque is made up of three distinct geometric designs, which Ridwan said symbolised the values of Islam

However, netizens were quick to point out that the three structures instead resembled three PlayStation 5 units lined up side-by-side vertically.

An actual PlayStation 5 unit.

Image via IGN Southeast Asia

Despite the cheeky comments, it is clear that any similarities between the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque and the PlayStation 5 are purely coincidental.

The construction of the mosque will take an estimated 14 months to complete and the cost will be borne entirely by the people of Indonesia, many of whom have contributed donations to the project.

The original mosque was destroyed in 2014.

The full article originally appeared on IGN Southeast Asia

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