M'sian Money Heist Fans Got A Sweet Surprise From La Banda. Here's How You Can Get Yours

They got a limited edition box filled with decadent Magnum ice cream, plus their very own Dalí mask!

Cover image via @aidilriza (Instagram) & Magnum (Provided to SAYS)

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We'll soon find out the fate of the beloved characters from Netflix's Money Heist, titled La Casa De Papel in its native Spanish, as the final episodes of the cult series drops in December

And, if you're all caught up with the first volume of part five, you'll know that the stakes are higher than ever for the Professor and the rest of La Banda. From thrilling action to emotionally-charged scenes, we bet you can't wait to see how the heist crime drama resolves.

In anticipation of Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 2, streaming 3 December, Netflix and Magnum teamed up to give local fans and pleasure seekers a deliciously sweet surprise

While fans eagerly await the new episodes, Netflix and Magnum scoured social media to identify some of Malaysia's biggest supporters of the show.

The plan? To give these lucky fans and pleasure seekers a Sweet Goodbye surprise from the local La Banda crew. Decked out in their iconic red jumpsuit and Dalí mask, the crew came knocking on their doors to present them with a specially curated, limited edition box of Magnum ice cream — inclusive of Dalí mask, and a set of special instructions from La Banda. Way to make an impact, huh? :D

Image via SAYS

Want a box for yourself? Well, you can now buy your very own limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle too! :D

Image via SAYS

This exclusive bundle is now available from all major e-commerce sites, like Lazada and Shopee, as well as food delivery platforms. 

With the limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle, you'll be able to indulge in velvety smooth vanilla ice cream that's coated in a thick cracking of Belgian chocolate. Enjoy delicious flavours like Magnum Almond, or a delightful white chocolate version with Magnum White Almond.

Or perhaps you'd like the pleasure of biting into a Magnum Classic — a rich milk chocolate shell over creamy vanilla ice cream.

Until the new season streams on Netflix, watching reruns of Money Heist with a stick of Magnum ice cream certainly sounds like a yummy idea, no matter the flavour. 

More good news? There's a secret Sweet Goodbye message from La Banda for you to unlock, with amazing prizes to be won — a Dalí mask, red jumpsuit, and replica gold bar, oh my!

Aptly called The Sweet Goodbye, you can join in the excitement of unlocking a 3,520 pixel secret message to win exclusive prizes. Since it's in the Professor's meticulous nature to have every detail exceptionally planned out, you'll have to band together with other Malaysians, and solve it pixel by pixel. ;)

Watch The Sweet Goodbye video below:

Here's all you need to know to participate:

Step 1: Buy the limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle, available from all major e-commerce and food delivery platforms (while stocks lasts)

Step 2: Visit this website or scan the QR code on your limited edition Magnum X Money Heist box

Step 3: Unlock The Sweet Goodbye message and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

It's as simple as that! Well, at least until you reach the message from La Banda, heheh. That's when the real fun starts — but not to worry, follow the instructions sent to you, and you're golden.

If this sounds like a sweet deal to you, get your limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle, and take on the challenge of unlocking La Banda's final message today. :D

Head over to the Magnum X Money Heist website to find out more

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